Scholars Advantage Community

First-year recipients of University of Calgary Prestige Scholarships and Awards are invited to join the Scholars Advantage Community (SAC). If scholarship recipients do not occupy all rooms, students that request SAC on their residence application may be given the opportunity to live in the SAC Community.

Learning Outcomes

There is a particular focus on connecting academically high-achieving students with a community of peers, key resources on campus and opportunities for personal development. University of Calgary Co-Curricular Record credit will be awarded to participants who achieve a required standard of community engagement. Students can expect:

  • Assistance in connecting with an academic advisor in your area of study
  • Leadership development activities
  • Opportunity to participate in student-led Academic Council
  • Dedicated study/meeting room in the building

Scholars Advantage Rooms

Scholars Advantage is a small community located on 7th floor of International House.

Each student will be placed into their own 1 bedroom suite, with private living area, and bathroom.


How to Apply

Check off Scholars Advantage on your online residence application form and answer the application question.

First set of offers will be sent to UCalgary Prestige Award winners that have applied for residence, before midnight on June 1. 

Second set of offers will be sent to those that applied to to live in the Scholars' Advantage Community on the application.