Mailing Address

Residence Mailing Addresses

To ensure proper delivery, provide the correct address to potential senders:

Aurora Hall

3272-24 Ave. N.W.

T2N 5A5

Cascade Hall

3456-24 Ave. N.W.

T2N 4V5

Crowsnest Hall

250 Collegiate Blvd NW

T2N 5A6

Glacier Hall

3362-24 Ave. N.W.

T2N 4V6

International House

169 University Gate N.W.

T2N 4V8

Kananaskis Hall

3330-24 Ave. N.W.

T2N 4V5

Olympus Hall

3374-24 Ave. N.W.

T2N 4V7

Rundle Hall

111 University Gate N.W.

T2N 4V8

Yamnuska Hall

3500-24 Ave N.W.

T2N 4V5

Varsity Court: 100 - 500

Jackson Place NW

Calgary, AB T3B 2V3

Varsity Courts: 600 - 800

Harris Place NW

Calgary, AB T3B 2V4

Varsity Court: 1000

Varley Drive NW

Calgary, AB T3B 2V5

Varsity Court: 1100

Casson Green NW

Calgary, AB T3B 2V6

Mailing Address

Mailbox number coincides with the residents assigned room number. Use the following formats when providing the address.

For Domestic Mailing

Resident Name


Room, Street Address

Calgary, AB Postal Code

For International Mailing

Resident Name


Room, Street Address

Calgary, AB Postal Code



Parcels must arrive on campus to the Shipping and Receiving Department. If they are not delivered here by the delivery company, you may not receive your parcel. (This does not include Varsity Courts)

When ordering parcels from any company, with the exception of Amazon*, you need to leave special instructions on how to deliver. You must state your mailing address like normal but then in the special comments section about delivery, you should state: "The delivery should be taken to the UCalgary Shipping and Receiving Department at 3838 24 Ave NW, Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m."

As parcels must arrive at Shipping and Receiving first, it may take 1 -2 business days before the parcel will arrive at the Campus Service Centre (CSC). Once it arrives to the CSC, an email will be sent to the student to inform it is ready for pick up.

When ordering groceries (InstaCart/InstaBox) they must be delivered to your building, and you must meet them to pick up your groceries. If you are not home, they can deliver to the Campus Service Centre during office hours and then must be picked up by you immediately as there is no cooler/fridges.

Varsity Courts parcels will be delivered to the unit by delivery companies.

*Skip the Campus Mail Centre by having your Amazon packages delivered directly to Amazon lockers. The lockers (gitta) are located in the lower level of the Dining Centre and is ready to accept your packages. 

  • Shop as usual
  • Select your locker, gitta, at checkout
  • Amazon will send you a pickup code to collect your package when it is ready

Buy Local

Buy Local is a project that was initiated by an observation made by Distribution Services. They noticed that big box retailers made up a massive majority of the shipments that were coming into Shipping and Receiving at Residence Services. In order to diversify the shipments and encourage sales from local owned and operated businesses, the “Buy Local” initiative was born.

Check out these Canadian companies to shop and support local.