Getting to Know Your Services

Setting up your services is an important part of your residence experience. Services offered by the University of Calgary include essentials you need to transition comfortably into your new home.

Wellness in Residence

The Wellness in Residence program supports your mental and emotional well-being through a partnership with the SU Wellness Centre. 

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Academics in Residence

Academics in Residence offers a variety of free math and writing support services offered through the Student Success Centre.

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Post-alcohol Support Space

PASS is a medically supervised, judgement-free space where members of the university community can sleep off the effects of alcohol and cannabis.

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AirUC - Residence is the Internet service provider for the Residence buildings at the University of Calgary campus. 

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On Demand Housekeeping

Residence Services offers housekeeping services for residents who need help keeping up with weekly chores.

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Garbage, Recycling, and Compost

Residence does offer students in residence the opportunity to recycle and compost.

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Campus Service Centre

If you need to photocopy, fax, rent a vacuum, or replace a lost key, the Campus Service Centre can help.

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Maintenance Request

Submit a residence maintenance request for any issues that you have in your unit or in common areas that you would like fixed. 

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Important Forms

Find all of the forms you may need as a resident.

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Coinamatic is the laundry service provider for residence at the University of Calgary.

Coinamatic's mobile system allows residents to use the laundry machines with an app on their smart phone, so there is no longer a need for a laundry card.

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