Garbage, Recycling, and Compost

Garbage, Recycling and Compost

There is a garbage room at the entrance of each court with the garbage bin inside, the recycling bin and the composting bin placed outside. All garbage must be securely wrapped, tied and placed inside a garbage bin. Recyclables must be placed in a recycling bin. Compostables must be securely wrapped, tied in a compostable bag and placed inside a composting bin.

You can find information how on how to properly recycle and compost here


To properly dispose grease, please visit the City of Calgary website for more information.

Courtyard Clean-ups

Clean-up will take place the first Monday of each month. If the Monday lands on a holiday clean-up will take place on the following day. We ask that you mark this on your calendar.

Court yard clean up will continue to include:

  • Picking up garbage
  • Removing abandoned toys, bicycles, strollers or any other items left behind in the courtyard or sidewalks
  • Please note: all abandoned items will be sent to the abandoned furniture bin and picked up by Waste Management and there will be no way to retrieve any item.

Please ensure you are removing your personal belongings from the courtyard, walkways and common areas when not in use, to help keep the community clean and safe.