Laundry System

Coinamatic is the laundry service provider for residence at the University of Calgary.

A new mobile system will be implemented May 2020. This system will allow residents to use the laundry machines with an app on their smart phone, so there is no longer a need for a laundry card.

*The kiosks are currently delayed. If you have any issues with laundry machines and the app, please contact Housekeeping at 403-220-5311 or*
If residents do not have a smart phone, they can use a kiosk located in the building/community to create an account and run the machines. In Varsity Courts this is the 400 Lounge. 

For more information on the system check out the frequently asked questions

For any problems or issues with a laundry machine, please contact Coinamatic at or at 1-800-561-1972


Currently have funds on a laundry card

  • Pick up a pre-paid return envelope
    • AU/CD/GL/OL/IH/GV/YA - pick up from Residence Services office in DC
    • CR - pick up from the laundry room
    • VC - pick up from the 400 lounge
  • Create an account through the app that you downloaded to your phone or through the kiosk in the laundry room. You will not be able to create an account until the laundry machines have been replaced.
  • Fill out the envelope.
    • If you would like the funds transferred to your new account, add a letter requesting to have funds transferred along with the email address you used to create your new account
    • If you would like a cheque mailed back, all you need to do is fill out the required information.
  • Put the card inside of the envelope, seal and mail the envelope.
  • All refund fees have been waived until July 1, 2020.


Machines will be changed on these dates

  • May 19 – Varsity Courts
  • May 20 – Crowsnest
  • May 21 – Rundle
  • May 22 – International House/Global Village
  • May 26 – Yamnuska
  • May 27 – Cascade
  • May 28 – Aurora
  • May 29 – Kananaskis