Room Selection

Room Selection Timeslot

A timeslot will inform an applicant when they go log into their Resident Portal to select a building and room they wish to live in. When logged in with a timeslot, applicants will only be able to see rooms/buildings that are available to select. If the room/building is not showing, that means someone has already selected it.

Timeslots are only used for the Fall and Academic terms. 

Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer and Winter terms do not use room selection timeslots. Room and building placements will be sent in the offer letter for these terms. 

Non-first year applications received prior to February 10, may receive an Offer of Residence with a time slot in March.

Students who apply after February 10, may receive a room placement or a timeslot in the following offers. Check the Resident Portal for up to date offers.

Yes, if you wish to live in residence you must select a room, or else your Offer of Residence will be canceled. Once your time slot is deleted, you will need to contact Residence Services and ask to be placed on the wait list.

Advance time slots are given to residents that win contests or have been given one due to being involved throughout the year. These residents are granted a pre-selection option whereby they are able to choose from available rooms before (one day prior) the majority of other resident applicants.

Applicants are able to live with one to three others, depending on the room type.

All roommates will need be part of the same verified roommate group prior to offers being worked on. All members must have logged into their Resident Portal and joined their verified roommate group. Members of the group must be the same resident classification and be staying for the same term.

If you are part of a verified roommate group, all members in the group who receive an Offer of Residence will get the same timeslot.

Students will then need to select their own rooms in the same unit if they wish to live together. Unlike previous years, group leaders will not be able to choose rooms on behalf of others within their roommate group.

We do not guarantee that roommate groups will be able to live together. 

We do allow co-ed units in residence. All residents must contact Residence Services and request each other as a roommates, as we manually have to update your roommate group.

This information will help you with Crowsnest Hall room selection. As you are browsing, please keep in mind that the pdf provided is a generic plan of all the floors in Crowsnest, meaning that the first number of the rooms will change depending on which floor you choose to live on.

  • South Tower: rooms numbered 01-19
    • South view rooms (face Olympic Oval): even numbered
    • North view rooms (face court yard): odd numbered
  • North Tower: rooms numbered: 31-48
    • South view rooms (face court yard): odd numbered
    • North view rooms (face 32 Ave NW): even numbered

It’s that time of the year again, where you get to browse the buildings and pick and choose where you want to hang your hat for next school year. Do you want to live close to an elevator, next to the student lounge or in a corner unit?

As you are browsing, keep in mind that the floor plan pdf provided is a generic plan of all the floors in Aurora, meaning that the first number of the rooms will change depending on which floor you choose to live on.

  • For southeast facing rooms, choose 02-10.
  • For southwest facing rooms, choose 14–22.
  • For north facing rooms, choose 26-34

Spring/Summer and Winter Terms

There are a limited number of units available during these terms, therefore, room selection is not offered. On the application, applicants will be able to select their preferred room types and buildings. Apartments are assigned to on a first-come, first-served basis. The specific room availability will be included in your Offer of Residence.

Family Housing Townhouses

Townhouses are assigned to applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. There is currently a wait list. Applications are added to the wait list according to the date and time they were received. Wait times vary depending on availability and applicants’ preferred move-in dates. When a townhouse is available, the Family Housing Office will contact you, usually about one month in advance.