Varsity Courts

Varsity Courts Decommissioning Information

Project Background

University of Calgary Properties Group (UCPG) was created by the University of Calgary to oversee the development of the lands adjacent to UCalgary campus, now known as University District (UD).

Their vision is "create a complete, vibrant and sustainable community that enhances the university experience while harmonizing with surrounding neighbourhoods."

The land where Varsity Courts (VC) is situated is held by the University of Calgary Properties Group (UCPG) and will be developed as part of University District.

The decommission of VC will take place in three Phases and will include the decommissioning of twelve courts.

Phase I: will begin June 1, 2022 and will include blocks 1100 (half of this court), 1200 and 900.
Phase II: Planning for 2024
Phase III: Planning for 2026/2027

What does this mean?

Phase I decommissioning (June 1, 2022):

  • Impacted courts - 1200, 900 and half of 1100 courts
    • 1115 - 1130 will be decommissioned
    • 900 and 1200 laundry rooms will be decommissioned
    • 1219 Children's Library will be relocated
  • Move-out of the affected courts will need to be completed by May 31, 2022
  • Internal decommissioning of vacant units will begin prior to June 2022
  • Resource fair to be held in early 2022

Phase II and III

  • Phase II: Planning for 2024
  • Phase III: Planning for 2026/2027


List of on campus and off campus resources

Information will be updated as it becomes available

Updated May 26, 2022



Construction Schedule

Once available, all construction information can be found here. From demolition schedule to what to expect next (i.e., slower traffic, sidewalk traffic/pedestrian routes, fenced off areas, noise etc.)

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