Residence Appeal Board

Upholding Community Standards

The Residence Appeal Board is a judicial body that hears residence judicial and discipline cases that have reached the highest level of sanction to which a resident has requested an appeal based on appropriate criteria. The purpose and charge of the board is to uphold community standards and maintain them as a just and equitable system. All members of the board receive special judicial training and are held to the highest standard of confidentiality and receive recognition on their Co-Curricular Record for their participation and involvement.

Obligations of Committee Members

  • Attend all appeal board meetings
  • Meet at least monthly to receive ongoing training
  • Actively solicit feedback and information from fellow residents to bring to the council
  • Be committed to improving the residential experience at the University of Calgary


  • Associate Director, Housing Services and Residence Education
  • Three resident Appeal Board members
  • Two alternate Appeal Board members

Application Process

Email the following information to

  • name and contact information (including phone, email, and residence address)
  • indicate which of the student action groups you would like to join. If you are interested in more than one,¬†indicate which one would be your first choice.
  • student status information:
    • graduate or undergraduate
    • international or Canadian
    • year of study
    • if you are a transfer student
  • class schedule, if known
  • a brief response to the following question: how will you use your involvement in this student action group or groups to help improve residence at the University of Calgary?