International House

International House

International House is located next to the Dining Centre. We will be creating first year communities on all floors, two through seven.

Due to no cooking facilities in the rooms or the floor, all residents living in International House are required to purchase a meal plan. Residents living in two bedroom suites will be able to select either a 250 swipe plan, 5 Day, 7 Day AYCTE meal plan. Those living in a single suite will be required to purchase either a 5 Day or 7 Day AYCTE meal plan

This building is connected to the Dining Centre with direct entry into The Landing, providing easy access to the Residence Services office and the underground tunnel system, where students can go virtually anywhere on campus without going outside —perfect for winter!

A wide-range of activities and events are organized for residents, ranging from Virtual community building, Mentoring, academic support programming and leadership opportunities will be available to all students.

Single Suite


  • Private bedroom with queen bed, mattress, dresser, desk, chair
  • Mini-fridge, microwave and TV
  • Laundry in building
  • Internet included (Wi-Fi and LAN)
  • Utilities included (Water, power, and heat)
  • Secure buildings 24/7
  • Bedding and linens in room, weekly in-room linen service
  • Housekeeping in all common areas
  • 24-hr desk in building
  • Must purchase a 5 or 7 day AYCTE meal plan