Meal Plans

The University of Calgary offers All You Care To Eat (AYCTE) meal plans in The Landing for all students, faculty and staff.

The Landing

All You Care To Eat in The Landing

The Landing in the Dining Centre serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and continuous dining in between meal times. With multiple fresh and healthy food options available - from gluten free, vegan, vegetarian and halal - you can choose to eat whatever you like, whenever you like and as much as you need to nourish yourself throughout the academic year. 

  • Breakfast Station
  • Salad Bar – featuring 30 ingredients, available for Lunch and Dinner
  • Vegan/Vegetarian – featuring lunch and dinner.
  • Pizza – featuring Halal and Vegan options. 
  • Soup – 3 soups featured every day, with one vegan/vegetarian offering. 
  • Pasta – featuring one meat and one vegetarian pasta, including make your own. 
  • Fruit/Yogurt – all day fruit and yogurt
  • Home Zone – featuring three course lunch and dinner menu.
  • The Grill – featuring grilled items for lunch and dinner. 
  • Mongolie Grill – featuring action items and make your own. 
  • Dessert – featuring sweet treats, including gluten free items and a hot dessert. 
  • Deli Stations – featuring premade sandwiches/wraps and a made to order with 24 available ingredients. 

Save with meal plans

Meal plans provide the most value, convenience, nutrition and flexibility. Below is the cost per meal, based on 2023-24 pricing.

Unlimited Meal Plans

  • 7-day meal plan: $7.66/meal, based on 3 meals/day, 7 days/week
  • 5-day meal plan: $8.63/meal, based on 3 meals/day, 7 days/week

Swipe Meal Plans

  • 250 swipes: $12.28/meal
  • 120 swipes: $13.43/meal

Unlimited Meal Plans*

  • 7-day: Get delicious meals covered for every day of the week with this great plan for those looking to save the stress on meal prep and planning.
  • 5-day: Get your meals covered from Monday through Friday with the opportunity to leave on the weekends and explore the city eats.

*Unlimited meal plans are mandatory for first-year residence students.

Swipe Meal Plans

  • 250 swipes: A great option if you ordinarily cook but have days where you want to take it easy and have a culinary team to cook for you.
  • 120 swipes: Not looking for as much meal support but still have days when you don't want to cook? Take advantage of this lower cost plan.

Purchasing meal plans

Residence students pay for residence and meal plan fees as one combined fee. Payments can be through online banking/International Fund Transfers. Meal plan fees are due on the tuition and residence fee payment deadline in September and January.

All other students, faculty and staff can purchase meal plans by visiting the Campus Service Centre, located in the main lobby of International House.

Changing or cancelling meal plans

Unlimited meal plans may be changed or cancelled prior to the fee deadline for each term. Please visit the Campus Service Centre or email with any inquiries about change or cancellation.

Swipe meal plans cannot be changed or cancelled.

2023-24 Pricing

Unlimited Meal Plans





Swipe Meal Plans

250 swipes


120 swipes









2024-25 Pricing

Unlimited Meal Plans





Swipe Meal Plans

250 swipes


120 swipes


Only unlimited meal plans are GST exempt. All other prices do not include GST. All meal plans expire at the end of the academic year.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 5-day plan can only be used Monday through Friday and is tailored to students who are often off-campus on weekends. 

Remaining swipes on the 120 and 250 swipes plan carry over from the fall to the winter semester. All meal plans expire at the end of the academic year.

Yes, students have the flexibility to use their swipes throughout the academic year for entries that best meet their needs.

No, similar to a buffet or all you can eat restaurant, all food is consumed on site. Portions tend to be smaller but you can have as much as you want when you are in The Landing, making for fewer ‘leftovers’ and less waste. Students may takeout a piece of fruit and a beverage.

The Landing Boxed Lunch program gives you the flexibility to get a pre-packed lunch in case of a class conflict during lunchtime.

Yes, students will have options to choose from a dedicated vegan and vegetarian station. Food labeling is available and includes dairy, gluten-free, vegan, halal, etc.

Students with specific concerns are also invited to meet with the culinary team to discuss their dietary requirements and available options while eating at The Landing. Contact

No, meal plans can only be used at The Landing.

Yes, anyone with a Unicard can purchase meal plans, including students who do not live in residence, faculty and staff.

Absolutely, everyone is welcome at The Landing. 

You can use your swipe meal plan to treat friends and visitors, or they can get access by paying the meal drop-in rates (see pricing above).

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