Front Desk

Services Offered

  1. Black and White


  2. Colour


  1. Calgary


  2. Canada 


  3. International



  4. Incoming


  1. Bike Locker

    Olympus Hall

    3ft x 6ft x 2ft

    $80 for fall/winter | $100 for spring/summer

  2. Storage Locker

    Crowsnest Hall, Aurora Hall

    3.5ft x 3.5 ft x 3.5ft

    $100 for spring/summer

    Yamnuska Hall, Olympus Hall

    3ft x 3ft x 2ft

    $100 for spring/summer

  3. Hockey/Ski Locker

    Yamnuska Hall, Aurora Hall

    8ft x 3ft  2ft

    $80 for fall/winter

    Kananaskis Hall, Rundle Hall

    Large open room

    $100 for spring/summer

  1. First Lockout

    During office hours

    Free if picked up from Residence Services or Hotel Alma

  2. Second+ Lockout

    During office hours

    $5.00/lockout if picked up from Residence Services or Hotel Alma

  3. After Hours Lockout

    CA on-call attend


  1. E-Key


  2. Mail Key


  3. Returned Lost E-Key

    Credit $15

  1. Laundry Card


  1. Vacuum (Two Hours)

    Free, just leave your Unicard

  2. Vacuum (Overnight)

    $10 charge +$10 each extra day

  1. Cart

    Free, just leave your Unicard

  2. Cart (Overnight)

    $10 charge + $10 each extra day

There are many lost and found locations

Mail is delivered to Residence Services at various times throughout the day. Residents will receive an email to notify them of parcels, special deliveries, and registered mail. Identification is required to claim these items. Regular mail is sorted and placed in the mailboxes weekdays by 5 p.m. (may vary due to time of year).