three students moving out.


Move-out with Ease

You will receive a move-out date, which will be 24 hours after your last exam. If you don't have any final exams you are required to move out 24 hours after the last day of classes. Check-out time is 11 a.m. To check-out, you can visit the Campus Service Centre, International House during office hours or use a check-out envelope. Make sure to check-out before 11 a.m. or there is a $50 late check-out fee.

Cleaning Tips

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Vacating Before End of Term

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Where to Donate Items

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Before You Check Out

  • Remember to check your mailbox
  • Clean your room, including defrosting your freezer. If you wish, Housekeeping can come by to do an inspection of your room and let you know if your room needs more cleaning.
    • To book this you will need to contact the Housekeeping Office at 403.220.5311. Use the Room Inspection Checklist as a guide to make sure you will pass inspection.
  • Moving carts are available for sign-out at the Campus Service Centre in International House.

Checking-out with the Envelope

  1. Fill out your move-out envelope.
  2. Put your keys inside the envelope.
  3. Sign and seal it.
  4. Deliver it to one of the locations below by 11 a.m. on the day of your check-out:
    • The Campus Service Centre (CSC) located in International House during business hours.
    • The return mail slot near the mailboxes at the Dining Centre, Yamnuska or Cascade Hall.
    • The drop box at the Crowsnest Hall front gate or at the 400 lounge in Varsity Courts


Residence Services offers storage lockers in many of the residence buildings that students can use over the summer months. There are two types of units that can be rented: 6ft x 3ft x 2ft (bike) or 3ft x 3ft x 2ft (regular). They usually go on sale the first week of April for Spring/Summer. If are looking for larger storage space you can visit the find storage fast website for information on local storage companies.

Transferring Rooms

If you are staying in residence for the next term but are moving to a different building or room, you will receive a transfer date. Your move-out date is synchronized with your transfer date so that you go from your old room directly into your new room on the same day.

Potential Fees

For residents moving out of residence, below is a listing of potential fees that will be applied if move-out is not completed/conducted according to residence guidelines.

Late check-out fee: $50

This fee applies if you are not moved out of your room by 11:00 a.m. on your scheduled move out day.

Cleaning fee: $50-$1000

This fee applies if housekeeping needs to be called in to clean a room that has not been properly cleaned. For cleaning guidelines, refer to your Residence guidelines.

Extra day fee: $100

This fee will be applied for every day following your move-out appointment that you have not moved out of residence

Move-out charges: $250

This fee applies if Residence Services has to move your belongings.

Lost keys: $40

Keys that are lost, stolen, not returned or otherwise need to be replaced, result in a replacement fee.