Residence Students' Association

Student Representation

The Residence Students' Association (RSA) is your student government and it endeavors to ensure that student needs and wants are represented and addressed within the residence complex. The purpose of the RSA is to enrich the residence experience via representation, events and positive leadership within the residence community.

The Residence Students' Association Council

The RSA meets bi-weekly to formally discuss and vote on initiatives and issues relevant to the residence community. Feel free to come and view RSA Council as a gallery member, or ask your Student Representative about how you can submit a funding proposal to leave your legacy and better the residence community.
The Residence Students' Association is composed of the RSA Executive President and four Vice-Presidents. The VPs are represented as:

  • One for apartments
  • One for first-year residences
  • One for suite-style residences (Yamnuska and Global Village)
  • One for events

These five individuals are elected by the greater residence community (elections usually take place in January) and are jointly responsible for:

  • Training RSA council members at the beginning of each semester
  • Acting as a liaison between the residents and the RSA Council, Residence Services & other university groups such as the Students' Union
  • Providing leadership and supervision for RSA Council members
  • Ensuring the RSA Council is held accountable to the residents whom they represent

Student Representatives (SRs)

Student Representatives work together to build community and represent the needs of the floor/building at RSA Council. Utilizing a budget allocated from the RSA, SRs are required to hold a minimum of four floor events per semester, all designed to build an inclusive community and to have fun.

Events Commissioner (EC)

Events Commissioners work together to put on the fun residence-wide events that the RSA is known for. Each EC is responsible for organizing one event per semester, and work together as a group to hold larger events such as Rez Rodeo and Winter Gala.

Support Staff

RSA Support Staff members play an essential role in keeping our organization together and running efficiently. Positions include:

  • Chair and Secretary: organizes and documents the RSA Council
  • Finance Manager: manages the finances of our non-profit organization
  • External: develops and maintains working relationships within the campus community, such as with the Students' Union, and provides a report of relevant information to the RSA Council
  • Resource Manager: manages the RSA Rental Program and the RSA Move-in Store
  • Media Manager: documents RSA events through photos and videos and maintains the RSA Website


The RSA can be reached by phone at 403.220.6729 or by email at