Vacating Before End of Term

Looking to Move Out of Residence?

Academic School Year (September - April)

Residence will only approve the request to vacate prior to the end of the lease, for the following reasons with supporting documents:

  • medical reasons require it and the Resident has provided a medical certificate from University of Calgary Health Services, the family physician, medical specialist or psychiatrist stating the reasons as to why the Resident ought not to continue residing in the University of Calgary Residence;
  • the Resident has received co-op, practicum or study abroad placement;
  • voluntary or required withdrawal of registration from the University of Calgary;
  • completion of research/program, or complete graduate program, where the Resident has provided proper documentation from the University of Calgary Admissions or faculty

If approved a $100 contract breaking fee will be charged and residence fees will be pro-rated up to the last day of class for the current term.

Spring/Summer (May - August)

A Resident may terminate their Agreement by completing a vacating notice through their Resident Portal, a minimum of seven (7) business days in advance of their desired termination date.

When vacating residence the tenant’s residence fees will be charged to the requested move-out date or seven (7) business days after the vacating request was submitted, whichever is later. There will be a $100 contract breaking fee. 

Vacating notices will not be accepted for move-outs:

  • that are requested to be within seven (7) days of the end of the agreement. 
  • that are prior to 28 days after move-in. Residents must stay for a minimum of 28 nights.

A vacating notice request form must be filled out. This form can be found in your Resident Portal under Forms

Moving Out Without Notice

If you vacate residence during the term of the contract without completing the appropriate paperwork you are subject to fees for the duration of the lease.