Vacating Before End of Term

Looking to Move Out of Residence?

Residents are required to complete the residence contract and if they decide to move out early, they will be responsible for the entire contract unless they are leaving for one of the following reasons:

  • Co-op/Practicum/Study abroad
  • Voluntary withdrawal from UCalgary
  • Required withdrawal from UCalgary
  • Graduated from UCalgary
  • Medical

You must hand in a vacating notice along with proper documentation to back the reason for vacating. If proof is not submitted along with the vacating notice, the vacating will be denied/charged the remainder of the contract.

If you are breaking the contract for any of these reasons, there is a $100 contract-breaking fee and you will be charged for the time you have lived in residence. There is also a $50 residence meal plan cancellation fee.

If you vacate residence due to finding other accommodations you will be charged the remainder of your residence contract.

Moving Out Without Notice

If you vacate residence during the term of the contract without completing the appropriate paperwork and submitting it to Residence Services, then you are subject to fees for the duration of the lease.