RSLC Position Overview

RSLC is a volunteer leadership group in residence with the goal to promote leadership, empowerment, and advocacy for students in residence. This will be achieved through ongoing collaboration with residence students on initiatives, changes, and decisions impacting their residential life.

Skills Required for the Position:

  • Able to build strong and collaborative relationships all member of a community
  • Heightened enthusiasm for leadership, advocacy, community building, and making a positive impact
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Excellent communication skills


Council Responsibilities:

  • The council will meet twice a month
  • Members will be responsible for engaging residence students in meaningful ways
  • On occasion, this group will be asked to solicit and provide feedback on areas which include but not limited to residence food experience – on quality and variety of food, capital projects – helping prioritize projects, residence rate changes, etc.
  • The members will review and recommend student initiative project proposals residence
  • This council will also be asked to provide input on residence projects that require student feedback


  • Members will undergo training in September and January to prepare them for their volunteer role



  • The council is a great first step to getting involved on campus, meeting new people, and building relationships
  • Creating positive change through advocacy for current and future students
  • Advocating and representing student interests in various settings
  • Developing and practicing leadership skills
  • Ongoing leadership training and development
  • Co-curricular credit