Agreement Related Fines


Agreement Violation Cost
Fire Alarm
(accidental i.e., cooking)
Fire Alarm Resulting from Prohibited Activity
(i.e., smoking, leaving food unsupervised while cooking)
Intentionally Causing a False Alarm
(i.e., pulling a fire alarm)
Failure to Evacuate During a Fire Alarm $50
Smoking in Room
(cost of ionizing the room)
Unauthorized Extended Stay/Per Night (Guest) $200
Unauthorized Use of Keys $50
Use of Vacant Room without Permission $100
Cleaning Charges $40/hr 2-hour minimum
Repeated Noise Policy Violations $50 for the third instance with the possibility of additional or increasing penalties for further violations.
Irresponsible Use of a Fire Extinguisher $150 plus the cost of any replacement/clean-up.
Tampering with Fire Equipment
i.e., covering a smoke detector, needlessly discharging a fire extinguisher, hanging items from the sprinkler.
$150 plus the cost of any replacement/clean-up.
Wall Damage Repair Cost of repair
Bidet De-Installation

Note: bidets are not permitted in Residence. If installed, they must be de-installed by a Facilities staff member to avoid major flooding.