Residence Appeal Form

Residence Appeal

As outlined in Section 7 of the Residence Procedures and Community Standards, residents who are found responsible for violating a Residence policy may appeal the decision by completing an online Appeal Request Form within five (5) business days of the decision.

The form can be accessed here: Residence Appeal Request Form

Please note: separate appeal processes shall be used where the decision maker has made a Recommendation for Termination of Residence Agreement. Residents who receive this sanction shall be notified of these processes separately.

Please refer to the Residence Procedures and Community Standards for further information regarding the Residence Appeals process. 

If you have questions about this form, or the Residence Appeals process, contact the Specialist, Conduct and Conflict Management (Residence) at for assistance. 

Additionally the Student Ombuds is a confidential and impartial resource that can assist with the Residence Appeal process and serve as an advisor. Learn more about the Ombuds here.