Unprotected Remote Sensing Equipment Survey

We are conducting this survey in order to determine the University of Calgary's risk exposure for Unprotected Remote Sensing Equipment. This type of equipment is currently not insured. Once survey responses have been received we will be assessing the university's level of risk in this area and determining how it may be addressed.

Unprotected Remote Sensing Equipment is defined as any equipment that is deployed remotely, out in the open on the ground, under the ground, in bore holes or wells, in the water, in the atmosphere (or in space) where it is not protected by some type of locked fence or compound. Equipment that is tethered to the ground in some manner, but is left out in the open, is considered unprotected.   

Equipment in a locked building or compound, or which is fastened to a building, or is attended by an individual at all times during its deployment, is considered protected and is not part of this survey.   

When describing the equipment and determining a value, group together equipment that you tend to deploy together at the same time, in the same location (i.e. geophones deployed, usually 50-60 at a time - value is $xx).  

We would appreciate individuals who deploy this type of equipment taking the time to complete this online survey. If you have more than one set of equipment to declare, complete the group spreadsheet and email to riskmgmt@ucalgary.ca.

If you have any questions, contact us at riskmgmt@ucalgary.ca or call 403.220.3011.


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