Hiring Contractors To Fly UAV's

All UAV flights on University owned or leased lands or within University buildings must be approved by Risk Management & Insurance.

Contracted Pilots are responsible for:

Becoming an approved pilot by submitting the Drone Pilot Registration Form

To register as a pilot you are required to provide the following:

  1. A Certificate of Insurance evidencing General Liability Insurance/Aviation Insurance for a minimum of $2 million dollars, including coverage for liability arising from the UAV and the pilot.  The extended coverage for the UAV and the pilots name must be indicated on the document.  This document must also name “The Governors of the University of Calgary” as Additional Insureds.
  2. A Copy of the Transport Canada Pilot Certificate (Advanced Operations).
  3. A Copy of the UAV registration with Transport Canada.

Pilots will be required to provide a copy of the following prior to flying over construction sites:

  1. A copy of Operation of UAV checklist;
  2. A safety plan; and
  3. An emergency/contingency plan. (i.e. Campus Security phone number must be included)

University Staff Are Responsible For:

All service agreements must be reviewed and signed by Supply Chain Management (finance@ucalgary.ca).

The agreement must:

  1. Address the collection, use and ownership of footage recoded;
  2. Include the insurance requirements as required by Risk Management and Insurance;
  3. Identify the UCalgary staff member who will review final footage recorded. This is to ensure that no University academic staff members, employees, students, visitors, etc., are in the video or images recorded (including people in the background/walking across campus).

Outdoor Flights In Restricted Airspace (Main Campus)



Pilots must have Advanced Operation pilot Certificate from Transport Canada to fly on main campus.

All flights must:

  1. Obtain a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Flight Authorization from NAV Canada and submit to Risk Management & Insurance not later than one week before the flight.
  2. Pilots must carry air radio during flight, tuned to appropriate frequencies at all times (monitor YYC international, heliports, STARS, etc.)


Incident Reporting Requirements