Risk Management and Insurance offers its services to the campus community.

Campus Visitors

When a visitor is officially invited to campus, appropriate steps must be taken to give them required information, mitigate risk to the university, and grant system access.

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Find a list and the details of current RMI contracts and agreements. All contracts must be reviewed by specific departments who will provide an individual who has signing authority.

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (including drones) and their pilots using the vehicles for UCalgary purposes must be registered with Risk Management and Insurance.

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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning programs are designed to equip students with practical skills by applying their knowledge and learning in a real-world way. 

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Volunteer Registration and Management

The University of Calgary recognizes that volunteer contributions enhance the university’s programs and activities.

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Waivers & Informed Consents

These waivers are for University of Calgary use only. They may not be altered in any way without the permission of Risk Management and Insurance.

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Authorized Ranch Access has moved to University of Calgary W. A. Ranches website