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Accidents and Violations

If You're Involved in an Accident

If you are involved in an accident while operating a university owned vehicle or a non-owned (rental) vehicle driven for university business, report to Campus Security at 403.220.5333 as soon as possible. You are also required to complete an OARS Report.

Alberta provincial law stipulates that accidents resulting in injury, death, or damages exceeding $2,000 must be reported to the police immediately. The $2,000 figure is the combined damage total to all vehicles, property, etc. Risk Management and Insurance will handle any claims that arise as a result of vehicle accidents where the driver was operating a university-owned vehicle or a non-owned (rental) vehicle driven for university business.

Motor vehicle accident forms that are useful for immediately noting some of the important information are kept in the glove compartments of university-owned vehicles to facilitate the collection of information. 

Accidents in UCalgary Owned Vehicles

Take pictures of each of the vehicles involved and of any damage sustained. Exchange insurance information with any other drivers involved in the accident.

Contact police to file a police report. In Alberta, any accidents resulting in injury, death, or damages exceeding $2,000 total between all vehicles must to be reported to the police immediately. 

Complete an incident report with Campus Security ASAP. It will be forwarded to Risk Managementt & Insurance to open a claim. If there is a serious accident or injury, call Campus Security immediately.

If the driver or any other occupants were in the vehicle at the time of the accident, the driver is required to complete an OARS report.

If the vehicle is safe to drive, proceed to the fleet operations garage located at the Physical Plant. If the vehicle is unsafe to drive, contact Motor Pool at 403.220.5601 to arrange for towing.

If any UCalgary student, employee, or volunteer was injured during the accident and required medical treatment or lost time beyond the day of the accident, WCB reports must be completed.

When Risk Management and Insurance receives the incident report from Campus Security, they may contact you for further details in order to process the claim.

Accidents in Rental Vehicles

Include these steps in addition to those on the left (except for step 5), if you were involved in an accident in a rental vehicle while on UCalgary business.  When you contact the rental agency, they will determine where the vehicle is to be taken.

Contact the rental agency and complete any required reports. Keep a photocopy of that document and send to Campus Security to include with their incident report.

If you are using the UCalgary Travel and Expense (T&E) card, you are required to contact the credit card insurer Manulife, within 48 hours at 1-833-389-1090 or through the portal at For policy # send a request to

Report collisions to the Calgary Police Service

Insurance Deductibles

Deductibles are charged back to the department (or trust holder, where applicable).

All UCalgary Owned Vehicles

Deductible amount: $2500

Rental Vehicles

Deductible amount $1000

Traffic and Parking Violations

Drivers of university-owned or rented vehicles are personally responsible for all traffic and parking violations incurred while a university owned or rented vehicle is in their custody. The university will not assume responsibility or reimburse drivers for violations, fines, or penalties.