Owned Auto Insurance



Canada and the continental United States.

Types of Coverage

  • Insurance for university-owned and licensed motor vehicles and trailers.
  • Liability insurance (damage to the property of others/individuals) as well as collision and theft.
  • University-owned vehicles which carry hazardous goods are covered, if they are carded in accordance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods legislation and if they are listed as a "Hazardous Good Vehicle" with Risk Management and Insurance.

Deductible (Revised: July 1, 2021)

  • $2500 deductible, for all vehicles.
  • The deductible will be charged back to the department (or trustholder where applicable).


  • Employees, students, and volunteers may drive university vehicles with the appropriate license and once they have become approved university drivers.


  • Passengers are not usually allowed in university vehicles unless they are employees or others necessary to complete the university business for which the vehicle is being operated.
  • Hitchhikers must not be picked up or carried at any time.


  • Personal property of the driver or occupants.
  • University property located inside or carried outside of the vehicle (see Property Insurance).
  • Normal wear and tear on the vehicle or trailer.
  • Breakage of the front windshield during vandalism.
  • Damage to glass as a result of rocks flying up off the road.
  • Damage to tires unless the loss is part of an accident with another vehicle or object, where the total claim exceeds the deductible.
  • Parking and traffic violations.

*All vehicles that were write-offs from the July 12, 2010 hailstorm, but were retained by the University of Calgary, no longer have any insurance coverage for physical damage. The liability coverage continues to apply.

Special Conditions

  • University-owned motor vehicles cannot be driven outside of Canada and the continental United States.
  • Insurance coverage for collision may be void if the driver is found legally impaired.
  • Insurance coverage may be void if open alcohol or illegal drugs are found in the vehicle.
  • Insurance coverage may be void if the vehicle is used for any illicit or prohibited trade or transportation.
  • The individual signing out a vehicle and/or the driver may be held legally responsible for charges and/or litigation resulting from vehicle misuse (which includes, but is not limited to, any of the special conditions listed herein.