Event Registration

Registration is required for all UCalgary events (occurring on or off campus), and third party events on UCalgary campuses, that include one or more of the factors listed below. Please register at least two weeks before the event occurs.

Once the form is submitted, it will be automatically directed to the relevant unit(s) — Environment, Health and Safety, Risk Management and Insurance, Campus Security, Facilities Management and/or Communications — which will email you regarding your event to provide proactive support and ensure a seamless event experience for everyone involved.

*If you have booked your event through Conference and Event Services, you are not required to complete this form.

*Events taking place in MacEwan Student Centre and MacEwan Hall in common spaces or in Students Union Allocated Spaces are managed under the MacEwan Building Management and Use of Space Agreement.  As such, events taking place in these spaces do not need to be registered unless they are UCalgary events.


Higher risk activities

Including aerial acrobatics, use of prop weapons, temporary hot tubs and swimming pools.

Reviewed by Risk Management and Insurance, Campus Security and Environment, Health & Safety. 

Flame related

Including fireworks, pyrotechnics, open flames, fog, smoke or dust, candles. 

You are not required to complete the form for smudging in smudge-friendly spaces and for using outdoor BBQ's.

Reviewed by Environment, Health & Safety

Hazardous materials

Including the presence of chemicals, biologicals or compressed gases. It also includes events that have vehicles indoors that would contain fuel or oil.

Reviewed by Environment, Health & Safety

Large vehicles

Events that require vehicles/equipment to operate on sidewalks, green spaces, etc.

Reviewed by Facilities Management

Live animals

Including pet therapy events. 

Reviewed by Risk, Management and Insurance

Off campus location outside of urban areas

May have reduced access to emergency services or is occurring in a remote area.

Reviewed by Risk, Management and Insurance

Outdoor structures

Including temporary tents, stages, lighting apparatus, scaffolding, bleachers, etc. including anything that is expected to be anchored into the ground.

Reviewed by Facilities Management and Environment, Health & Safety

Sensitive speaker(s)

Including any speaker who has garnered media attention, is speaking on a controversial subject or has a history of speaking on controversial topics.

Reviewed by Communications and Campus Security

Sensitive topic(s)

Including any topic which is generating a high level of public discussion or debate, including internal topics.

Reviewed by Communications and Campus Security



All event organizers are still required to follow all the steps outlined on our events page