Book a Space

The use of space to meet the needs of the university's regular programs and services is controlled by Enrolment Services (classroom space) and by individual faculties/departments (most other space). Once the requirements of regular programs and services have been fulfilled the university is prepared to make its space and facilities available for extracurricular activities, including those of external groups.

All External Users must book UCalgary space through UCalgary Accommodations and Events who will also require users to complete the appropriate contracts.  Charges will apply for these bookings.

Reference:  Use of University Facilities for Non-Academic Purposes Policy

The only exceptions are listed below.


  1. Parking Lots and Roads

    Department: Parking and Traffic 

    Contact: Susan Austen 


  2. Athletic Playing Fields

    Department: Faculty of Kinesiology



    Facility Bookings

  3. Green Spaces (Grounds)

    Department: UCalgary Accommodations and Events

    Contact: N/A


  1. Kinesiology Buildings & Olympic Oval 

    Department: Faculty of Kinesiology



    Facility Bookings

  2. MacEwan Student Centre and MacEwan Hall

    Department: Students' Union 

    Contact: N/A


  3. Nickle Galleries and Gallery Hall

    Department: N/A

    Contact: Marla Halsted 


  4. Foothills Campus

    Department: Cumming School of Medicine

    Contact: Vaughn Parshotam, Coordinator, Room Booking



  5. Spy Hill Campus

    Department: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

    Contact: N/A


  6. Taylor Family Digital Library

    Department: Libraries and Cultural Resources 

  7. University Theatre

    Boris Roubakine Recital Hall and the Rozsa Centre

    Department: University Theatre Services 

    Contact: 403.220.4901 

  8. Other Spaces for Non-Academic Purposes

    Hallways, public spaces, Administration Atrium, Dining Centre, EEEL, Hotel Alma, Red and White Club, and the Taylor Institute.

    Department: UCalgary Accommodations and Events

    Contact: 403.220.3111

  1. Olympic Oval and Kinesiology Buildings

    Department: Faculty of Kinesiology 

    Contact: Elyse Schwartzkopf


  2. All Other Campus Spaces Used for Filming

    Department: UCalgary Accommodations and Events

    Contact: 403.220.3111