Campus Visitors

Inviting Canadian and International Visitors

There are many different reasons why visitors may come to the university, and we welcome the opportunities for teaching, learning, and collaboration. When a Canadian or international visitor is invited to campus by a university department or employee, the appropriate steps must be taken to give them the information they require, mitigate risk to the university, and grant system access where appropriate.

Visiting Graduate Students - please access the Faculty of Graduate Studies website and click on Visiting Students to access the current process.

Visiting Undergraduate Students/Student Researchers/Exchange Students - please review the University of Calgary Calendar

Visiting academics, postdoctoral scholars or others not listed above -  If you are responsible for issuing an invitation letter for academic or other visitors, contact your HR advisor for the appropriate invitation letter. For more information on the appropriate steps, see HR's website - Inviting  Visitors to Campus.

Updated: Aug 2 2022

Working in Laboratories, Handling Animals or Animal Tissues

When a visitor is working in a laboratory or with animals or animal tissues there are specific clauses that must be used in the invitation letter and a waiver must be signed.

See the Matrix for Visitors for the appropriate text for the invitation letter as well as the accompanying waiver that must be used. 

Page one of the matrix refers to visiting faculty members only, pages two and three apply to visiting postdocs, students, or other types of visitors. 

Young Persons Accessing Laboratories

When a young person (under 18) is accessing a laboratory space at the University of Calgary, the following documentation will apply.  For further information please access the Environmental Health and Safety website. See the dropdown menu Operational Requirements.


The following waivers are to be used for visitors from Canadian or international locations who fall into one of the following categories: faculty/professors, students, co-op students, interns, externs, and business visitors. These visitors are required to complete the proper waiver depending on their activity at UCalgary:

The waiver must be given to the individual prior to their arrival at the University of Calgary and the original must be returned to the university individual who issued the invitation and retained in their departmental file prior to any activity commencing. Waivers must be filed in your department and retained for no less than twelve years as per the university’s retention policy.

For information regarding volunteers (individuals must have Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status in Canada) see our Volunteer Registration and Management page.

Updated: February 16, 2022