Event Guidelines and Checklists

University events on and off campus are permitted to go ahead if they align with provincial and municipal regulations, are entered into the UCalgary Event Registration Form and receive approval from their department head, dean, director, vice-president or other executive member.

Organizers of  ‘in person’ university events, defined by one-off gatherings in excess of 15 people (outside of classes and regular business meetings), must complete the UCalgary Event Registration Form for any on or off campus university events including third parties booking space on UCalgary owned/leased property. Units are advised not to sign any contracts that would bind the university to be required to have any event where costs would be non-refundable.

Event organizers need to take into account the possibility of limited food services and options due to the need to comply with regulations on food provision that are current at the time of the event.

Updated: July 29, 2021

Review all sections below

UCalgary event planners are required to review the 3 documents below and ensure that they can comply with all requirements.  Please forward any questions to Risk Management & Insurance at riskmgmt@ucalgary.ca

Covid-19 Requirements

There are currently no specific requirements in effect related to COVID-19.

Event Guidelines

These Guidelines define event organizer responsibilities prior to and during events held on University property or UCalgary hosted events off campus.

Event Checklist

UCalgary Event Planners must complete the checklist and ensure that they have reviewed the related sections of the guidelines. Where UCalgary space is rented to external groups for events, email riskmgmt@ucalgary.ca for the appropriate checklist.