International Travel Loaner Device Program

The University offers a short-term loaner device program which includes cell phones, laptops and encrypted USB’s for faculty, staff, post-doc and graduate students travelling internationally.

Why use the program?

  • Travellers should expect their devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) to be openly examined and scrutinized by immigration officials and perhaps local law enforcement. They may be expected to give officials their password to unlock their devices or decrypt their data and failure to do so could result in their device being confiscated and possible detention or expulsion from the country.
  • There are different laws and requirements in other countries.  Some will not allow the import/export of some technology and the expectation of privacy differs.
  • As the traveller is only taking University data that is required for their trip, it reduces the likelihood of having other data seized or stolen.
  • There is no deductible assessed to the department if the device is confiscated by authorities or stolen, as long as the incident has been reported to Campus Security).
  • Malware can be introduced to your devices through a variety of conduits including public wireless networks, public computer workstations and charging stations.

Who is eligible?  Academic Staff Members, Employees, Post-Docs, and Graduate Students who are travelling to destination or for purposes that pose a risk of data loss.

What devices are available?   Apple and Dell laptops, Apple and Android cell phones, encrypted USB keys.  The package can include one or several of these devices.

How is the program accessed?  When a Traveller registers on the UCalgary International Travel Registration system, the registration form section “Loaner Devices” will have a box to check if they would like to request one or more of the devices.

Traveller Responsibilities: 

  • The Traveller must be travelling to an international destination on University business.
  • The Traveller must register for international travel a minimum of 10 business days prior to requiring the devices (IT has to set up the devices for your specific needs).
  • All data must be retained on the encrypted USB key and virus checked prior to downloading it to any other University device or network.
  • Upon return, the Traveller has up to 10 business day to return the devices to IT.  Do not use the laptop or phone once you have returned to Calgary as it may be infected and we do not want to introduce malware to the University system.
  • If the devices are confiscated by authorities or stolen, the Traveller must complete an Incident Report with Campus Security.
  • The Traveller will be required to sign a form acknowledging the program requirements.

IT Responsibilities: 

  • IT will provide the formatted devices for the traveller.
  • Upon return to the University, IT will re-format the devices to remove any malware.