Laboratory Safety Program

The University of Calgary considers health and safety to be a priority and is committed to providing a safe and healthy work and study environment for the entire university community including its laboratory environments. Laboratory personnel, including workers, students, and visitors, are potentially exposed to hazards unique to laboratory settings and hazardous materials each and every day. In order to address the health, safety, and environmental challenges specific to the laboratories, programs, safety and procedure manuals and laboratory specific training courses have been developed by EHS.

Environment, Health and Safety offers laboratory safety training.

The Laboratory Safety Manual is to be reviewed annually and appropriate actions taken as specified below.

The Laboratory Safety Manual may take the form of a physical binder or may be in an electronic format as long as requirements are met. Requirements include Supervisor authorization/approval and accessibility of documents/records to lab personnel, EHS, auditors, etc. It is important to document that records exist and where they can be located.

'Retain' is defined as: keep in printed or electronic format in the manual.

'File' is defined as: keep in printed format in the manual.

Retain under this tab. Last revised: 2014.01.17.

Complete and retain under this tab. Last revised: 2012.03.05.

Complete and retain under this tab. Last revised: 2012.03.05.

Research X-ray Safety Program Training Manual

The University of Calgary has established the Research X-ray Safety Programs Training Manual for radiation emitting devices.

Radiation Safety and Procedures Manual

The University of Calgary has developed a Radiation Safety Manual to provide guidance to ensure a safe working/learning environment and for compliance.

Laser Safety Manual

The University of Calgary has developed the Laser Safety Manual to ensure that persons are aware of the hazards associated with the use of the laser or the hazards involved in working in the laser controlled area.


The University of Calgary has developed a Biosafety Manual that applies to all persons performing controlled activities involving the handling/storage of biohazards for research and teaching purposed within facilities managed and controlled by the university. 

Chematix™ is a chemical management software solution used at the University of Calgary for a variety of Environment, Health and Safety program functions.

  1. Laboratory Setup Instructions

    Last revised 2018.12.18.

  2. Chemical Inventory Instructions

    Last revised 2021.05.07.

  3. Perpetual Chemical and Compressed Gas Inventory Instructions

    Issued 2019.10.31.

  4. Chemical Reconciliation Instructions

    Last revised 2019.12.06

  5. Hazardous Waste Disposal Instructions

    Last revised 2021.04.08.

  6. Laboratory/Workshop Self Inspection Instructions

    Last revised 2018.01.02

  7. Laboratory Compliance Inspection Corrective Action Instructions

    Issued 2018.05.09.

  1. Biosafety Permit Renewal and Modification Instructions

    Revised 2021.05.10

  1. Laboratory Self Inspection Explanation Guide

    Last revised 2019.12.06.

  2. Workshop Inspection Checklist with References

    Last revised 2017.12.22.

  3. Laboratory Compliance Inspection Explanation Guide

    Last revised 2019.06.24.