Laboratory Safety Program

The University of Calgary’s Laboratory Safety Program is a foundational program supporting all laboratory activities and applies to all persons under the auspices of the University of Calgary working in a laboratory for research and/or teaching purposes.

The Laboratory Safety Program is designed to monitor and promote compliance with applicable federal and provincial legislation including acts, codes, regulations, standards, and other directives. Program documents further outline general best practice guidelines, and they contain additional requirements that go beyond legal obligations to effectively manage risks and make UCalgary laboratories a safe working environment.

All questions and inquiries regarding Laboratory Safety should be directed to

Workshops are to follow the Laboratory Safety Program documents, as necessary.

Environment, Health and Safety offers Laboratory Safety Training.

The Laboratory Safety Manual is to be reviewed annually and appropriate actions taken as specified below.

The Laboratory Safety Manual may take the form of a physical binder or may be in an electronic format as long as requirements are met. Requirements include Supervisor authorization/approval and accessibility of documents/records to lab personnel, EHS, auditors, etc. It is important to document that records exist and where they can be located.

'Retain' is defined as: keep in printed or electronic format in the manual.

'File' is defined as: keep in printed format in the manual.

Retain under this tab. Last revised: 2014.01.17.

Complete and retain under this tab. Last revised: 2012.03.05.

Complete and retain records under this tab for three years after the person has left the University. Last revised: 2016.04.04. 

Chematix™ is a chemical management software solution used at the University of Calgary for a variety of Environment, Health and Safety program functions.

  1. Laboratory Setup Instructions

    Last revised 2018.12.18.

  2. Chemical Inventory Instructions

    Last revised 2022.10.31.

  3. Perpetual Chemical and Compressed Gas Inventory Instructions

    Issued 2022.10.31.

  4. Chemical Reconciliation Instructions

    Last revised 2019.12.06

  5. Hazardous Waste Disposal Instructions

    Last revised 2021.04.08.

  6. Laboratory/Workshop Self Inspection Instructions

    Last revised 2018.01.02

  7. Laboratory Compliance Inspection Corrective Action Instructions

    Issued 2018.05.09.

Container Barcode Labels

Chemical containers are added to the chemical inventory using pre-printed, unassigned container barcodes (1 x 0.5 inch in size) which are provided by EHS.

Pre-printed container barcode labels can be collected from the following locations:

Main Campus

  • Faculty of Science: Science Stores, SB 50; Bio Sciences Stores, BI 35
  • Schulich School of Engineering: Engineering Workshop, ENA 03
  • Faculty of Kinesiology: Human Performance Lab, KNB 103B
  • UService: Math Sciences MS 773 – Walk-In hours: Tue/Wed/Thu – 1:00pm to 4:30 pm only, see UService website
  • EHS office: MacKimmie Tower (MT). Please email with a request prior to collection.

Foothills Campus

Spy Hill Campus

  • Clinical Skills Building, Clean Stores, CSB 138

Follow Chemical Inventory Instructions to add chemical containers to inventory in Chematix (see Chematix Instructions dropdown).


Storage Unit Barcode Labels

We are working on implementing a new process to print storage unit barcodes on Avery labels.

In the meantime, if you need storage unit barcode labels for your laboratory/workshop, please contact for instructions.

Follow Chemical Inventory Instructions to set up storage units (see Chematix Instructions dropdown).

  1. Laboratory Self Inspection Explanation Guide

    Last revised 2022.11.30.

  2. Workshop Inspection Checklist with References

    Last revised 2017.12.22.

  3. Laboratory Compliance Inspection Explanation Guide

    Last revised 2022.05.02.

  • Hazardous Products Act and Regulations (WHMIS)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code
  • Transportation of Dangerous Good Act and Regulations
  • Export and Import Permits Act
  • Chemical Weapons Convention Declaration
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Regulations

The Laboratory Safety Advisory Committee provides advice and input to the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Department on the Laboratory Safety Program.

  1. Terms of Reference

    Issued: 2020.01.13.

  2. Membership

    As of 2022.01.01.

Biosafety Program

The University of Calgary has developed a Biosafety Program to assist all persons involved in the purchasing, handling, storage or disposal of biohazards for research and teaching purposes; to promote and monitor compliance with both federal and provincial legislation over biosafety and biosecurity.

Radiation Safety Program

The University of Calgary has developed a Radiation Safety Program to assist in the requirements for compliance to both federal and provincial legislation/guidelines pertaining to the acquisition, use and disposal of radioactive materials, and radiation emitting devices (X-ray units and lasers).