Filming and Photography on University Property

All requests for third party filming or photography must go through the Conference and Events Management (CEM) office. A certificate of insurance naming the University of Calgary as an "additional insured" is required for all external filming companies requesting to film on campus. A formal agreement will be prepared outlining the details and is to be signed by both parties. CEM will consult with Risk prior to consent.

It is not generally an unreasonable invasion of privacy to take photos of people attending or participating in a university-related public event such as a graduation ceremony, sporting event, or cultural program. It is not necessary to obtain consent for crowd photography in these circumstances. Depending on the event, organizers may consider posting signage announcing that photography will take place, and how the photos will be used.

If photos are to be taken during a private event, such as a classroom lecture or an invitation-only event, the university must announce that photos will be taken and direct individuals with concerns to someone who can address their questions. Signage should be used and a verbal announcement can also be made to reinforce the message. If an individual asks to be excluded from the taking, use, or disclosure of photographs, that request must be honored.

Photography of an identifiable individual (e.g. a head shot) that may be used for marketing or advertising purposes always requires written consent from the subject using the university photo release and consent forms below. Photo/video consent forms must be retained for ten years past last use, in accordance with the university retention rule for waivers of liability.

For information on privacy at the University of Calgary, see the Privacy Policy. Contact the FOIP office at for more information.

Updated: March 27, 2019

Photo Release and Consent Forms

Adult Photo Release and Consent Form


Child Photo Release and Consent Form