Stolen Equipment Claims

To report stolen equipment, contact Campus Security at 403.220.5333. This includes equipment on loan to the University.

Risk Management and Insurance will cover the cost to replace stolen University of Calgary-owned equipment (less the applicable deductible to the department). Replacement will be with new materials of like kind and quality. If a department wishes to upgrade the same piece of equipment, that cost would be at their own expense.

If the university has accepted responsibility for third party equipment through a contract (i.e. it is on loan or leased to the university in writing), Risk Management and Insurance will also cover the cost to replace the equipment for the owner less the applicable department deductible. A copy of the contract must sent to Risk Management at the time of the claim. 

This claim must be settled within a three-month period from the date of loss, wherever possible. All funds reimbursed to the department may only be used for the replacement of the equipment declared in the claim. 

There are some items that are not insured, some examples include:

  • personal property of individuals
  • equipment that belongs to third parties (unless it was loaned or leased to the university through an agreement and the university took responsibility for it)
  • biological materials including animals, unless the animals have been valued and declared to Risk Management and Insurance previously.

As such, accurate reporting of your loss at the outset is critical.

Stolen Equipment Claims Process

Step One

When University of Calgary-owned equipment is stolen, on or off campus, the individual who had the equipment is required to report the theft to Campus Security. This can be done by attending their office in MacEwan Student Centre 260 or by phoning Campus Security dispatch at 403.220.5333.

The individual is also required to report the theft to the nearest police department. A copy of the police report must be given to Campus Security as well.

Step Two

Departments must forward the following information as soon as possible to with respect to any stolen equipment:

  • owner department
  • equipment information (for each piece of equipment)
    • a generic description of the equipment including make and model
    • original cost
    • year of acquisition or approximate age
  • location of equipment when stolen.

Step Three

Once the information has been received, the owner department will receive an email confirming that they can proceed with obtaining a quote on the replacement of the equipment as well as the applicable deductible. The following information will also be required from the department at that point in time:

  • copy of the original invoice and/or purchase order (if possible)

  • original account number that the equipment was purchased from

  • UCalgary tag number (if capital equipment)

  • the serial number.

Step Four

Once the department has received the quote from the supplier it must be forwarded to Risk Management and Insurance prior to the equipment being ordered. Once the quote is approved, Risk Management and Insurance will send an email to the department approving the purchase/repair and will request that the department provide them with an account number to reimburse.

If the account provided is a trust account, the department is responsible to contact Research and Trust Accounting to ensure that the account may receive insurance proceeds. If not, then an operating account should be used to order the repair/replacement so that it can be reimbursed.

Step Five

Once the equipment/supplies have been received, the department will email Risk Management with a copy of the invoice and the account provided will be reimbursed the funds less any applicable deductible.