What Constitutes a UCalgary Event or Conference?

In order to be insured by the University of Calgary's liability policies, a university conference or event must meet certain conditions.

To Be Insured

The department head, dean, director, vice-president, or other executive member must sign-off that it is a "university event" and that it complies with the following:

  • it must be monitored and controlled by the department head, dean, director, or a member of the university executive (or their designate) who must be present at meetings and have a veto in all decisions
  • all contracts and agreements for space, food, transport, etc. are in the name of the "The Governors of the University of Calgary" and are signed by the appropriate signatory as per the Signing Authority Policy. Agreements for off-campus sites must be reviewed by Supply Chain Management who have signing authority on these types of contracts
  • no external bank account is being used. University conferences and events are required to be managed through the university accounting structure
  • it is taking place in a commercial or public space (the University's insurance does not cover events taking place in privately owned residences or lands)
  • this is not a Students' Union club event (which are managed and insured separately by the Students' Union)
  • this is not a third party event (i.e. it is not an event hosted by a separately incorporated society or outside company). Some groups in which University of Calgary faculty, staff, and students have memberships are legally incorporated as societies or outside entities. The university does not provide liability insurance for events hosted by outside entities.

This sign-off should be in the form of an email to risk@ucalgary.ca indicating the name and dates of the event, the department, and that it complies with the items above.

If this conference or event has physical activities as part of its agenda, the department is required to contact Risk Management and Insurance (risk@ucalgary.ca) to determine if a waiver is required for participants.

Updated: Sept 23, 2022