UCalgary Event Registration Form Checklist

Completing the UCalgary Event Registration Form is the first step in the process to hold an event in UCalgary buildings, on UCalgary lands or to host a UCalgary event off campus. Events are defined as gatherings of 15 or more people (outside of classes and regular business meetings), whether they take place indoors or outdoors.

To assist you in gathering the information you will need to complete the UCalgary Event Registration Form, please find below a list of the questions that will appear in the questionnaire.

If you have questions, please contact Risk Management & Insurance at riskmgmt@ucalgary.ca

updated May 1, 2022

Provide your contact information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Department / Faculty or unit name

Provide Event Details

  • Event name
  • Event dates (beginning and end)
  • What type of event is this? (select, if "other" provide further explanation)
  • Is this a UCalgary hosted event or a third party using university facilities?
    (UCalgary event, Third party event, Students Union event, Departmental Graduate Association, or Graduate Students' Association event)
  • Is this event indoor, outdoor or both?
  • Location of the Event (select)
  • If on campus & indoor - provide building name, room number / name
  • If on campus & in multiple buildings - list all building names & room numbers

Provide Participant Details

  • Indicate the maximum number of individuals you will have in your event space over the course of your event (including speakers, participants, etc.)
  • Are you inviting international attendees (outside of Canada, including speakers/organizers)?
  • Provide any additional information or comments