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Requesting an Enrolment Verification Letter

Enrolment Verification letters are available to students who are registered and can be used for a variety of purposes, most commonly to confirm your registration, program of study, academic standing, course load, and fee assessment.

Step 1

Select "Enrolment Verification" from the "Other Academic" drop down list.

Student Centre screen shot

Step 2

Choose the letter type for which the letter is required.

Please note: Letters are only available to current students. If you haven't been activated for the current or future term, you'll have to use your official academic transcript as proof of academic record.

Enrolment Verification screen shot

Step 3

Choose the term for which the letter is required.

Selecting a term for your enrolment verification letter

Step 4

Print your letter (be sure to disable pop-up blockers on your browser).

Screen shot of letter for printing

Click here for detailed instructions.


Some groups of students may not be able to access the enrolment verification letter from their Student Centre.

Student Group Contact
Graduate students Faculty of Graduate Studies
Medical students Cumming School of Medicine
PGME students Post-Graduate Medical Education
Law students Faculty of Law

Financial aid and student loans

Joint degree students

Enrolment Services, Office of the Registrar

If you require an Enrolment Verification Letter for any of the above situations, please follow the instructions to print from your Student Centre or contact your program advisor as outlined above.