Choosing between final course grades and Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F)

In response to the difficulties many students are facing due to the COVID-19 situation, the university is providing all undergraduate and graduate students the option to choose one of the following for each course they complete in the winter 2020 term:

  • accept their final course grade 
  • opt for Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) 

Students will make this choice after they complete their winter 2020 courses and receive their final grades. They will have until May 22 to communicate their choices to the Registrar’s Office through an online submission. Details about the online submission process will be emailed to students by April 10, 2020.


Are classes done for the semester?

No. Classes will continue according to the remote learning plans developed by your instructors. 

If I opt for Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) for a course, do I still need to finish the semester and all my course work? 

The choice to accept your final grades or opt for CR/F is made after you complete your courses and receive your final grades. We encourage you to continue to work hard to get the most out of your courses. 

Can I choose my final grade for some courses and Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) for others, or do I need to choose one option or the other for all courses in the winter term?

You can choose course by course. You can choose to accept your final grades for some courses and Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) for others. 

If I choose Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) for one or more courses, will it impact my GPA?

If you take a CR, no grade point value will be associated with that course – so it will not be included in your GPA calculation.

If you take an F on the Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) system, no grade point value will be associated with that course. The course will not be included in your GPA calculation.

If you choose to keep your assessed grade, the grade will be included in your GPA calculation.

If I choose the Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) option for a course that I need as a prerequisite, does the course still work as a prerequisite?

Yes. If you receive a CR in the course, it will be used as a prerequisite regardless of your original grade. 

If I choose the Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) option for a course, will it impact my eligibility to graduate?

If you take a CR on a course you need to graduate, that course will still count toward your graduation requirements. If you take an F, the course will not count toward your graduation requirements.

How will the CR grade work when determining my eligibility for scholarships/awards?

If you are receiving or applying for a University of Calgary award, a Government of Alberta award or a University of Calgary nominated award, you will still be eligible for scholarship consideration, provided you successfully complete the minimum number of units required for the award/scholarship.

I’m in a collaborative program at another post-secondary institution; does the option to choose between final course grades and Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) apply to me?

If your courses are designated as University of Calgary courses, then this applies to you. Students at Red Deer College, Medicine Hat College and other collaborative sites taking UCalgary courses at these locations can request the CR/F option. 

I’m currently attending another University on a letter of permission, does the option to choose between final course grades and Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) apply to me?

This option only applies to University of Calgary courses. We recommend you speak with the school you are attending to see what options they are making available for their courses.

Does this option to choose between final course grades and Credit Received (CR)/Fail (F) apply to Continuing Education courses?

No. Continuing Education students should discuss assignment requirements directly with their instructor. For all currently running courses, instructors will be providing students with flexible options for completing their assignments and course requirements. 

Why is the university giving students this choice?

Students are facing a variety of difficulties – due to the stress related to what the world is going through, their own health or the health of family and friends, the need to look after family members, or a variety of other factors. Your mental health, well-being and success are of the highest priority to us, which is why we have given you this option regarding your final grades. 

Providing this choice allows those who need grades for advanced placements or applications for further studies to still receive a final grade, while not penalizing those whose performance is affected by difficult circumstances. 


Other FAQ regarding grades

Fall semester grades will be available by mid-January and winter semester grades will be available in May (typically 15 days after the term end date). For detailed instructions, click here.

The university uses a 4.0 grading scale. Details of the grading system can be viewed in the University Calendar.

Your statement of grades (courses and credits) is available in your Student Centre.

If you've concerns about how you were graded on any course work you're encouraged to discuss this with your instructor as soon as possible and before initiating a formal reappraisal procedure. If you'd like to initiate a formal reappraisal please fill out the Reappraisal of Final Grade Form.

Requests must be received by these dates: 
Fall Session – March 1
Winter Session – June 30
Spring Session – August 15
Summer Session – October 15

Deferral of Term Work (PDF) application forms are available online. Submit the completed form to the department offering the course for consideration.

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