Learn about the credit granted (CG) grading option for undergraduate students launching in the fall 2021 term — and find answers to common questions about grading at UCalgary. 

The credit granted (CG) grading option

The university will be introducing a new grading option for undergraduate students called credit granted (CG). Starting this fall term, students will be able to request a CG grade for a limited number of undergraduate courses they complete. A CG grade counts toward your degree requirements but doesn’t impact your grade point average (GPA). If you choose a CG grade, “CG” appears on your transcript in place of the letter grade you would have received.

In the coming months, each faculty will determine faculty-specific criteria for when students can choose to receive a CG grade, as well as how many CG grades a student can have throughout the course of their degree program. These will be made available on this page in November.

CG eligibility details

To be eligible to receive a CG grade, you must:

  • be an undergraduate student completing an undergraduate-level course;
  • be admitted to a degree program;
  • in most cases, have received a final grade of C- or higher in the course you want to receive a CG in (note: a higher grade may be required by your faculty);
  • be in good academic standing; and
  • meet any specific requirements set by your faculty (available on this page in November).

How to choose a CG grade

Students will have the ability to apply for a CG grade in their Student Centre through the following dates:

  • Fall 2021 term – December 13 - January 15
  • Winter 2022 term – April 19 - May 15

Late CG grade requests will not be approved once the deadline has passed.

CG grades will not be reversed once approved and on the student record.

Things to consider

  • Although CG grades count toward your current program requirements, they may affect your ability to meet admissions requirements for future programs, including graduate schools and professional programs.
  • CG grades may not be accepted or recognized as transfer credit at other institutions based on their institutional regulations.
  • Although CG grades will not affect your student loan or UCalgary scholarship application, they may impact your eligibility for external scholarships.
  • CG grades may impact your eligibility for certification or licensing requirements in specific fields.

Students with questions about these issues should connect with a Faculty Advisor to discuss the potential impacts of selecting a CG grade.

CG grades for deferred final exams or deferred term work

If you complete a deferred final exam (DFE), you’ll be eligible to apply for CG within two business days of the DFE grade being posted. Students will be advised of the CG application process when approved for a DFE.  Please note that students who have applied to graduate may be deferred until the next convocation.   You can find more information about deferred final exams here.  

Approved CG grades for students with deferred final exams or term work will be posted to the transcript within 30 days of approval.


If you choose to take a CG grade for an undergraduate course, the CG grade won’t have any impact on your grade point average (GPA).

Yes, classes for which you have received a CG grade do meet prerequisite requirements.

CG grades may impact your ability to gain admission to a graduate or professional program. You should contact the institution offering the program to discuss the impact of the CG grade in relation to the program requirements.

A course with a CG grade will count toward your degree requirements.

Any student found to have engaged in academic misconduct will not be eligible to receive the CG grade in the course for which the academic misconduct occurred.

Students will be able to apply for a CG grade through their Student Centre. The fall CG application opens on Monday December 13, 2021.

Approved CG grades will appear up to 10 business days after the close of CG applications. CG applications close January 15 for fall 2021 and May 15 for winter 2022.

Each faculty has specific regulations, which will be posted in November. The maximum number of units contributing toward a degree will not be more than nine in any faculty. In some faculties, it may be less than nine.

No, undergraduate students can only receive CG grades in undergraduate-level courses.

CG grades may impact your ability to receive an honours degree.  Eligibility criteria will vary and will be determined by each faculty. These details will be available in November.

CG grades may impact your eligibility for the Dean’s List.  Eligibility criteria will vary and will be determined by each faculty. These details will be available in November.

CG does not impact UCalgary award and scholarship selections. If you’re applying for or have received scholarships from external agencies, you should contact the organization to understand the impact of the CG on scholarship criteria (such as the application and renewal requirements).

We are here to support your questions. Contact Enrolment Services.

Additional information about grading

Hoping to learn more about how grading works at the University of Calgary? These frequently asked questions are a good place to start.

When do my grades become available?

Fall semester grades will be available by mid-January and winter semester grades will be available in May (typically 15 days after the term end date). For detailed instructions, click here.

What is the University of Calgary grading system?

The university uses a 4.0 grading scale. Details of the grading system can be viewed in the University Calendar.

How can I find out my grades without requesting a transcript?

Your statement of grades (courses and credits) is available in your Student Centre.

How do I appeal a grade?

If you have concerns about how you were graded on any course work you're encouraged to discuss this with your instructor as soon as possible and before initiating a formal reappraisal procedure. If you'd like to initiate a formal reappraisal of your final grade, please complete a Service Request, initiated in your Student Centre.  Select a Service Request Type of 'My Student Record', and Subtype of 'Request Reappraisal of Final Grade' to submit your request.  Be sure to include information in support of your request, including attachments, if necessary.

What is the deadline for requesting a grade reappraisal?

Requests must be received by these dates: 
Fall Session – March 1
Winter Session – June 1
Spring Session – August 15
Summer Session – October 15

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