Your official grades can be viewed through your Student Centre.

When do my grades become available?

Fall semester grades will be available by mid-January and winter semester grades will be available in May (typically 15 days after the term end date). For detailed instructions, click here.

What is the University of Calgary grading system?

The university uses a 4.0 grading scale. Details of the grading system can be viewed in the University Calendar.

How can I find out my grades without requesting a transcript?

Your statement of grades (courses and credits) is available in your Student Centre.

How do I appeal a grade?

If you've concerns about how you were graded on any course work you're encouraged to discuss this with your instructor as soon as possible and before initiating a formal reappraisal procedure. If you'd like to initiate a formal reappraisal please fill out the Reappraisal of Final Grade Form.

What is the deadline for requesting a grade reappraisal?

Requests must be received by these dates: 
Fall Session – March 1
Winter Session – June 30
Spring Session – August 15
Summer Session – October 15

Is it possible to obtain an extension for outstanding course work (e.g., papers, assignments)?

Deferral of Term Work (PDF) application forms are available online. Submit the completed form to the department offering the course for consideration.

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