Flexible grading option

Learn about the new Credit Granted (CG) grade available to UCalgary students.

Credit Granted (CG)

In Fall 2021 the University introduced a new grading option for undergraduate students called credit granted (CG). Students will be able to request a CG grade for a limited number of undergraduate courses they complete during an application window. The intention of the CG grade is to support student’s breadth of learning and student wellness.  A CG grade may count toward your degree requirements but doesn’t impact your grade point average (GPA).  If you choose a CG grade, “CG” appears on your transcript in place of the letter grade you would have received.

If you are considering requesting a CG grade, please review the information below:

1. Faculty regulations and eligibility

2. Advising

3. How to request a CG grade

4. FAQs

1. Faculty regulations and eligibility

Each faculty has specific flexible grade regulations that outline CG regulations with respect to academic review, grades, awards, Dean’s list, graduation, and more. Check your faculty regulations at the links below, and connect with a faculty advisor if you have questions regarding the CG grade.

  1. Arts

    3.4 Academic Review
    3.4.1 Grades
    3.4.3 Dean’s List

  2. Cumming School of Medicine – Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

    3.7 Student Standing
    3.8 Graduation (BCR)

  3. Cumming School of Medicine – Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours

    4.3.1 Degree Requirements
    4.3.4 Student Standing


  4. Haskayne School of Business

    3.4 Student Standing

    Program Details:

    4.1.4 BComm Graduation Requirements Concentrations

  5. Faculty of Kinesiology

    3.4 Student Standing

  6. Faculty of Law

    3. Faculty Regulations

  7. Faculty of Nursing

    3.1 Admissions
    3.4 Student Standing

  8. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

    3.3 Flexible Grade Option (CG Grade)

  9. Faculty of Science

    3.7 Student Standing

    and USC Flexible Grading Option (CG Grade) Courses

  10. Schulich School of Engineering

    3.4 Academic Performance, Review, and Student Standing

  11. Faculty of Social Work

    3.1 Admissions
    3.3 Course Work (under ‘Notes:’)
    3.4 Student Standing

  12. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

    3.4 Student Standing

  13. Werklund School of Education

    3.3 Student Standing and Academic Review

  14. Open Studies

    Open Studies students are not eligible for the CG grade.

To be eligible to receive a CG grade, you must:

  • be an undergraduate student completing an undergraduate-level course;
  • be admitted to a degree program;
  • in most cases, have received a final grade of C- or higher in the course you want to receive a CG in (note: a higher grade may be required by your faculty – see regulations above);
  • be in good academic standing; and
  • meet any specific requirements set by your faculty (see regulations above).

In addition to the CG grade requirements set by your faculty, you should also consider: 

  • CG grades will not be reversed once approved and on the student record.
  • CG grades may impact a change of program request. Review your current faculty regulations and those of the faculty you may wish to change to before requesting a CG grade.
  • Although CG grades may count toward your current program requirements, they could affect your ability to meet admissions requirements for future programs, including graduate schools and professional programs.
  • CG grades may not be accepted or recognized as transfer credit at other institutions based on their institutional regulations.
  • Although CG grades will not affect your student loan or UCalgary scholarship application, they may impact your eligibility for external scholarships or some internal UCalgary Faculty-selected awards.
  • CG grades may impact your eligibility for certification or licensing requirements in specific fields.

2. Advising

Students should seriously consider the impacts of requesting a CG grade on their academic progression and potential future plans, including change of program, application for graduate school, and/or licensing. 

If you are considering requesting a CG grade, connecting with a Faculty Advisor is strongly recommended to review your faculty regulations in the context of your academic plan.

3. How to request a CG grade

Students will have the ability to request a CG grade in their Student Centre through the following dates:

  • Fall 2021 term – December 13 - January 15
  • Winter 2022 term – April 19 - May 11

Application for a CG grade is through the Student Centre in a link in the footer (“Flex Grade (CG) Application”), under ‘My Academics'.

Late CG grade requests will not be approved once the deadline has passed.

CG grades for deferred final exams or deferred term work

If you complete a deferred final exam (DFE), you’ll be eligible to request a CG grade within two business days of the DFE grade being posted. Students will be advised of the CG application process if approved for a DFE.  Please note that due to deadlines for graduation, students who have applied to graduate will be deferred until the next convocation.   You can find more information about deferred final exams here.  

Approved CG grades for students with deferred final exams or term work will be posted to the student record within 30 days of approval.

4. FAQ

Am I eligible to request a CG grade?

Review the faculty regulations linked in the table above to determine your eligibility for requesting a CG grade.


Does a CG grade count toward my GPA?

If you choose to take a CG grade for an undergraduate course, the CG grade won’t have any impact on your grade point average (GPA).  A CG grade could impact how your GPA is calculated for change of program, Dean’s list, honours and awards.  Check your faculty regulations.


How many CG grades can I request during my degree?

Each faculty has specific regulations, please see the table above. The maximum number of units contributing toward a degree will not be more than nine in any faculty. In some faculties, fewer than nine units are allowed.


Can undergraduate students request a CG grade for a graduate-level course?

No, undergraduate students can only receive CG grades in undergraduate-level courses.


Can a student receive a CG grade if they engaged in academic misconduct?

Any student found to have engaged in academic misconduct will not be eligible to receive the CG grade in the course for which the academic misconduct occurred.

Does a CG grade still meet prerequisite requirements?

CG grades may meet prerequisite requirements. Check your faculty regulations.


Does a CG grade count toward my degree requirements?

CG grades may meet degree requirements. Check your faculty regulations.


Do CG grades impact my ability to apply to graduate or professional programs?

CG grades may impact your ability to gain admission to a graduate or professional program. You should contact the institution offering the program to discuss the impact of the CG grade in relation to the program requirements.

How do I request a CG grade?

Students will be able to request a CG grade through their Student Centre. See section 3 above for application dates.


When will the CG grade show up on my student record?

CG grade requests will be reviewed, processed, and posted on the student record once approved. CG applications close January 15 for fall 2021 and May 15 for winter 2022.

How do CG grades impact honours programs?

CG grades may impact your ability to receive an honours degree.  Please review your faculty regulations.


Do CG grades impact awards and/or scholarships?

CG grades may impact internal UCalgary award selection, particularly for convocation awards.  Review your faculty regulations.  If you’re applying for or have received scholarships from external agencies, you should contact the organization to understand the impact of the CG on scholarship criteria (such as the application and renewal requirements).


Do CG grades affect Dean’s List eligibility?

CG grades may impact your eligibility for the Dean’s List. Please review your faculty regulations.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We are here to support your questions. We strongly recommend connecting with a Faculty Advisor or Enrolment Services before requesting a CG grade.