Understanding your fees

For a listing of the current tuition and fee details, see the University Calendar—Fees Chart.

Mandatory supplementary fees

Mandatory supplementary fees may be assessed for materials or services associated with certain courses. You can find out which courses have mandatory supplementary fees by:

  1. Reviewing "Class Notes" through the Class Search
  2. Referring to course outlines

Mandatory supplementary fees are assessed when you register in a course and are listed with your tuition and other fees in the "Finances" section under "Account Inquiry" in your Student Centre.

Fees with an opt out option

Health and Dental: If you have proof of alternative health and dental coverage the option to opt out is available here. You must opt out before the fee deadline for the term.

Student Donations (including the Undergraduate Student Peer Assistance Bursary, Graduate Peer Assistance Bursary, and Engineering Endowment fund): All students are asked by the Students’ Union to make a tax deductible donation to the Student Peer Assistance Bursary program. In each of the fall and winter terms you are automatically charged $10.00. Your donation provides bursaries to other students with proven financial need. The donation is non-refundable after the term fee deadline. If you wish to raise the amount of your donation please contact Enrolment Services at 403-210-7625. Donation opt out opens one month before the term start and is available through your Student Centre. 

Learn how to opt out

Amount owing

To find out your amount owing for tuition and general fees, log into your Student Centre.

View Student Centre Fees & Financials guide (pdf)

Award payments

Credits due to award payments will automatically be refunded to you.

If you have a credit due to a personal or student loan overpayment, you must submit a Refund Request form to initiate the refund process.

View Student Centre Fees & Financials guide (pdf)