Updating Personal Information

Update Your Name

Your university record contains your full legal name. To change your name, submit a Change of Address/Personal Information form to Enrolment Services.

A photocopy of one of the following original documents must be submitted with the completed form:

  • Birth certificate
  • Legal Change of Name Certificate from Vital Statistics (or equivalent from your home country)
  • Government issued Marriage Certificate
  • Government issued Divorce Decree

A driver's license or passport are not accepted as proof of a legal name change.

Documents in a language other than English must be translated by a notarized translator.

Update Your Personal Information

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Step 2

  1. In your Student Centre go to “Personal Information” section
  2. Select “Names”, here you can view, add, change or delete a name
  3. Select the pencil icon to edit preferred name and add the effective date of the change.


  • You can update your home (mailing) address.
  • Entering an effective date for the change will allow you to enter a future-dated address.
  • This will automatically update your home (mailing) address with the new address on the date you have entered.

Phone number

  • You can edit either your current home and other phone number.
  • Please indicate a ‘preferred' contact phone number.

E-mail address

  • You can update your campus and/or other email address.
  • We strongly recommend you select "campus" as your preferred e-mail address. This should be an e-mail account you check frequently.

Submitting a change of name request does not alter your log-in information (eID) for myUofC services.
If you would like to request a new Student ID card, please visit the UNICARD Office.