Late fees and payment issues

Late fees and interest

If you haven't paid your fees by the deadline, interest will accrue. Check your Student Centre under "Account inquiry" for fee payment deadlines. The university won't remove students from courses for non-payment. Fee deadlines are also listed in the Academic Calendar.

Late payments will result in:

  • 1% per month interest rate charged on your past due fees. Interest is calculated on the daily outstanding balance of $100.00 or more and is not compounded.
  • An automatic email will be sent to you on a monthly basis informing you of past due fees
  • A withhold will be placed on your account. Information on withholds can be found in the University Calendar
  • Once your outstanding balance has reached 120 days past due, a final notice will be mailed to you at the address listed on your Student Centre and an external collection agency will collect the outstanding balance (this may impact your credit rating)

Student loans

As of fall 2019, UCalgary no longer requests tuition payment directly from student loans on behalf of the student. All loan funds will be deposited directly into the student's bank account and students are responsible for paying full fees by the term fee deadline listed online in the student portal or will be subject to late interest.

Withdrawing from the university

If you decide not to attend the university, you must drop all your courses in your Student Centre on or before the term course drop deadline. (Graduate students must complete a voluntary withdrawal form, as outlined here.) After the drop deadline, there is no refund for tuition and related fees.

Other charges

Administrative fees will be charged to your account if you pay your fees with a cheque and your cheque is not cashable for any reason or you put a stop payment on a cheque already cashed by the university.

Payment Issues

1. Check your online Student Portal to see if the online banking payment has been applied to your account. If it has been more than five days, go to step 2

2. If the payment was made through a Canadian financial institution and has not yet applied, submit the following information via Service Request (view instructions) in the Student Portal. If you do not have access to the Student Portal, then see the FAQ below.

  • Payment date
  • Payment amount
  • Payment type (wire, online banking, etc.)
  • Payor name
  • Payor financial institution
  • Payment reference number
  • Account number used
  • Correct account number that should have been used (if applicable)

Common errors that occur during online banking payment:

  • Too many zeros at the beginning of account number
  • Incorrect account number
  • First five letters of last name not included after student number
  • First name entered on account number line

If an external agency or award provider has sent a payment as a cheque, and you are not seeing the payment applied to your account, please follow the steps below. Please note that personal cheques, bank drafts, and money orders will be returned to sender, or will be subject to significant processing delays.

1. Communicate with the payor, and see if the cheque has been deposit in their records.

2. If the cheque has gone through on the payors bank account, but has not been applied to your Student Portal within 5 business days of being deposited, please submit the below information via Service Request (view instructions) in the Student Portal. If you do not have access to the Student Portal, then see the FAQ below.

  • Copy of the cashed cheque (front and back)
  • Student ID number
  • Full Name

3. If the cheque payment has not been deposited, please submit a Payment Trace Service Request (view instructions) in the Student Portal. Ensure you include the following information:

  • Student ID Number
  • Full Name of Student
  • Full Name of Payor / Agency
  • Sum of payment
  • Mailing address used

As of winter 2021, Enrolment Services no longer accepts personal cheque for tuition payment.  If a personal cheque was submitted, this will be returned to the sender within 30 business days. Please see preferred methods of payment outlined here.

If you are having issues making a payment using WU GlobalPay for Students contact

Refer to helpful GlobalPay FAQs.

If you are having difficulty making a payment with CIBC Student Pay, please see the FAQ’s on their webpage.

  • Email:
  • Phone:
    • Calling from India (toll free): +1800121661661
    • Calling from North America (toll free): +18446378898
    • Calling from anywhere else in the world: +919071373838

Frequently Asked Questions

Service Requests are the primary way we track and internally refer common student inquiries. This allows us to track a student’s request from start to finish. Detailed instructions on how to complete a Service Request can be found here.

Current students, former students, and alumni all have access to the Student Portal. Please navigate to to reset access to your account and regain access to the Student Portal.

Some student groups and external stakeholders will not have access to the Student Portal. These individuals can contact UCalgary Finance directly at Please include in your request that you do not have access to Service Requests in the Student Portal to avoid delays in processing your inquiry.

The “Invalid Data” error in CIBC Student Pay is a generic error message, indicating that some information was inputted incorrectly. The error is usually in student details, address, postal code, card #, expiry, or CCV. If the error persists, please provide screenshots to CIBC at, or try an alternate payment method.

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