Group of people gathered at a table during one of the strategic planning workshops in February.

Our next strategic plan

Together, we’re building a great research university

A draft strategic plan is now available for discussion and feedback. Share your thoughts.

The first draft of the University of Calgary Strategic Plan has been developed after analysis of strategy inputs, which are available for community review, and include:

The draft articulates goals, purpose, values and strategic approaches for the University from 2023 through 2030. It includes five strategies:

Establish a shared core of research, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Provide Canada’s most accessible student experience.

Expand research opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

Place community at the centre of everything we do.

Make it simpler to undertake and accomplish goals here than any other university.

It also includes potential initiatives that would support those strategies such as: new paid summer research opportunities, raising financial support for thesis-based graduate students to the highest level in the U15, incentivizing activity that crosses faculties and much more. It establishes a default position that we will “find ways to make things happen – quickly” and prioritizes increases in transparency, connection and accessibility.

It is interpreted through the lens of our Institutional strategies and commitments to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility, Indigenous Engagement, Mental Health, Sustainability, Global Engagement, as well as our culture and practice of shared governance.

The strategic plan is being developed through an iterative process and we want to know your thoughts on this first draft. You can share them through our feedback form, by signing up to a workshop, or through one of the other methods below

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The Planning Process

Strategic plans at the University of Calgary are built from a combination of consultation and a review current plans, best practices and environmental conditions. The process is overseen by the Strategic Planning Oversight Committee, made up of representatives from groups across the University. A Working Group made up of academic experts and university staff assemble materials and manage the day-to-day process. The strategic plan must ultimately go through the university’s governance processes and be approved by the General Faculties Council and Board of Governors.


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The strategic planning process begins with planning and pre-consultation. Constituent groups across the University are canvassed for their views on the scope of the strategic plan and the process through which it will be constructed. From there, the first round of community consultation officially begins as the community is consulted on the goals, objectives, differentiators and priorities through surveys, workshops and written submissions. External feedback is also sought.

After this consultation, a “what we’ve heard” report is released summarizes input to date and a second round of community consultation begins that allows time for additional conversations and more focused consultations with the external community and experts across campus. At this point a strategic plan proposal is released. Before any plan takes effect, it must have governance approval from the Board of Governors and General Faculties Council.



Where we've been

Eyes High set a marquee goal of being a “top five research university” and established three goals, described as foundational commitments:

Sharpen focus on research and scholarship

Enrich the quality and breadth of learning

Integrate the university with the community

These goals were supported by a strategy statement that declared: “In this spirited, high-quality learning environment, students will thrive in programs made rich by research, hands-on experiences and entrepreneurial thinking.

The Framework for Growth established focuses on transdisciplinary scholarship, future-focused program delivery and deeper community partnerships.

Eyes High Strategy

In 2016-17, the University of Calgary’s original Eyes High strategic direction (published in 2011) was refreshed following five years of underpinning foundational transformation, planning development, priority identification, and resource allocation at the University of Calgary.

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Framework for Growth

We’re on a mission to provide an exceptional student experience and committed support to a world-class faculty.

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Community Report

A celebration of our achievements over the past five years.

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