Passwords required for Zoom classes

You need a unique password to access spring and summer classes on Zoom

Important dates


Having issues sticking to a study schedule? 

Find yourself easily distracted? Miss connecting with other students while studying?

If any of those questions applies to you, you should join one of the the Student Success Centre's upcoming virtual study halls. They're held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. Learn more.

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What's new

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Remote support for library users

Libraries and Cultural Resources

Our libraries are currently closed, but you can access one-on-one support and many library resources remotely. A chat feature allows you to consult with a librarian. All electronic resources are available 24/7.

View the library's COVID-19 update webpage »

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Your mental health is important

Student Wellness Services

We're here to help. Support is available for UCalgary students, faculty and staff during this difficult time. 

Learn more »

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Spring/summer term FAQ

Do you have questions about spring/summer term and how it's impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? Find answers on our FAQ page. 

Learn more »

Supporting your academic journey

Planning your degree. Registering for your courses. Finding an advisor. Accessing academic support. Checking your exam schedule. Reviewing your degree requirements. The resources you need to succeed academically can be found in the links below.  

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