Research and scholarship

We believe in research that can change the world. That's why we've committed to becoming one of Canada's top five research universities. We'll accomplish this goal by matching our strengths with opportunities, increasing our research capacity, and creating a dynamic environment to promote research excellence.

Our research themes

Energy innovations for today and tomorrow

We are focused on creating a low-carbon energy system while assessing the effects of energy-related processes and harnessing unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

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Human dynamics in a changing world

The pressures of our rapidly growing global population are driving unprecedented changes in our social, political, cultural and natural systems. We are addressing our need to understand how we adapt to rapid change, to ensure our security and quality of life.

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Engineering solutions for health

Researchers are at the forefront of advancing neurosurgery, joint repair and stem cell production and are producing unprecedented insights into global healthcare research challenges.

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New Earth-space technologies (NEST)

NEST capture, analyze and share the smell, sight, taste, touch and sound of our earth-space environment, enabling better decisions for industry, security and society.

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Infections, inflammations and chronic diseases

Chronic diseases, infections, and inflammatory states together with pain create the greatest burden on health care in the world. We’re meeting these complex global challenges by bringing together leaders in numerous sciences as well as epidemiology, law, population and community health, and public policy.

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Brain and mental health

Led by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, the strategy is shaped around three broad pillars: brain and behaviour, neural injury and repair, and healthy brain aging.

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Research partnerships

Urban Alliance

Researchers and city planners tackle important issues concerning transportation, waste reduction, energy and environment, youth crime, homelessness, poverty reduction and the integration of immigrants into our communities.

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This community-based, interdisciplinary research platform has research arranged into four themes that define a great city: health, resiliency, vibrancy and equity. The makeCalgary team has grown over four years to include researchers and graduate students from architecture, public health, social work, kinesiology, urban design, and engineering, along with industry and community partners.

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Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA)

Scientists and municipal wastewater treatment plant operators work together to study treatment technologies and look for ways to ensure clean water for everyone – including aquatic life and communities downstream.

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