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Staying healthy by making meaning

Finding meaning in life during the pandemic can be tough, especially when we’re still grappling with physical distancing and daily changes to restrictions, along with winter weather. Here are some experts’ suggestions on how to make meaning in a difficult time.

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Observing Ramadan

Studying and writing exams during the month of Ramadan

The timing of Ramadan varies each year, determined by the first sighting of the crescent moon. This year it’s expected to begin the evening of April 13, meaning that it’ll take place at the same time as winter final exams.

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Neurodiversity support at UCalgary

Did you know Student Wellness Services’ (SWS) has a neurodiversity support advisor (NSA)? Learn about how our NSA supports neurodiverse students at UCalgary.

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Accessing mental health support

We can all experience mental health and well-being issues, but major life changes – like the COVID-19 pandemic – can trigger more serious reactions. Talking to a mental health professional can help.

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Three things you don't know about compassion

Compassion is a term we use frequently, but what is it exactly and how can we use it in our everyday lives?

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Online etiquette 101: Staying professional

Tips for learning on Zoom and maintaining academic integrity while studying online

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Working with groups online

Here are some ideas that can help make it easier to navigate working with a group online.  

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Online etiquette 101: Getting organized

Tips for how to keep yourself organized while learning online. 

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