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Are you a student group, club or faculty interested in providing a financial education session for your members? Request one by emailing

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Meet with a financial advisor

Do you have questions about your finances? Make an appointment with Money Smart's advisor to receive one-on-one support on topics such as budgeting, credit, debt management, and more.

The next date when you can book an appointment is Feb. 21 from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

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Apply for awards


Submit your application for the Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship, valued at $2,000.

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Money Smart

Irregular Income: Budgeting 101

Money Smart

Join us for Irregular Income: Budgeting 101 on Jan. 30. Learn how to manage your budget if you're an hourly, seasonal, commissioned, contract or self-employed employee.

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Budgeting tool

Want to create a budget but now sure where to start? You should check out the Government of Canada's customizable online budget calculator.

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Funding your education

You'll likely use a variety of sources to cover the costs of attending university. This might include awards, scholarships, bursaries, RESPs, money from your family, a part-time job or student loans. 

Tuition and Fees

Learn about the mandatory and optional costs that are included in your tuition and general fees. 

Your tuition and fees

Awards and Scholarships

A variety of scholarships and bursaries are available to UCalgary students, both through the university and from external sources.

About awards and scholarships

Student Loans

Government student loans and grants are available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are studying full- or part-time. You'll apply through your home province or territory of residence.  

More about student loans

Wondering how much your degree will cost? Create a customized estimate with our online cost estimator.