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Strategic Planning Process

What is the strategic plan?

The institutional strategic plan defines:


The goals of the university as a whole.


The measurable objectives we establish in support of those goals.


The strategies that we will use to reach those goals.

The Strategic Plan articulates what makes the University of Calgary distinct from other Universities and other organizations with the same goals and lays out our priorities for spending, focus and resource allocation. In performing these tasks, it defines the shared mission and vision for our university.

Our previous strategic plan, Eyes High, set out a goal of becoming a top-five research university and ran from 2017-2022. The next strategic plan will run from 2023-2030.

Graphic listing UCalgary's institutional strategies: EDIA, Indigenous Engagement, Mental Health, Sustainability, Global Engagement, Shared Governance

How it fits with other plans

The University of Calgary is a complex environment where tens of thousands of people work towards collective, shared and individual goals.

No one strategic plan covers the entire range of work done at the University of Calgary and plans are constantly being updated to reflect evolving landscapes, priorities and understanding of best practice. Collectively, our plans define our academic, research and operational environment, as well as our connections to the broader community.

Institutional strategies

Institutional Strategies to address core commitments

Strategies that address core commitments agreed to by the University’s Board of Governors and General Faculties Council. All of our work is – and all other plans are – considered and interpreted in their context.

Strategic Plan

The goals of the University as a whole, how we measure progress and the strategies that we use to reach those goals – what makes the University of Calgary distinct.

Operational Plans, Portfolio Plans, Faculty Plans

The operational, portfolio and faculty plans outline area-specific targets as well as how we meet the objectives set out in our institutional strategies and strategic plan.

Planning is an ongoing exercise

Due to the breadth, size and scope of activities at a major research university such as ours, there is never a time when planning is “done”. It is a fluid process where plans are updated at regular intervals. When updated, plans look to each other to inform their contents – and the university’s institutional strategic plan is no exception.

As plans are updated, they:

Build upon previous versions of existing plans

Articulate a shared approach to the goals, objectives and strategies of supporting plans

Incorporate the goals, objectives and strategies of more broad-based plans

Integrate and take into consideration the goals, objectives and strategies of complementary plans