An official eTranscript is an authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid transcript that can be issued on-demand to be shared anytime and anywhere. UCalgary eTranscripts are issued through MyCreds™ and they eliminate the hassle of paper transcripts. You can digitally share your official eTranscript with anyone who requires your official UCalgary transcript.

Ordering your eTranscripts

You can order eTranscripts through your Student Centre ( Here are the steps:

Log in to your Student Centre

Log in to your Student Centre account, select the eTranscript option, and submit your request.

Log in to your Student Centre

Wait to receive an email notification

Wait to receive an email notification from MyCreds™ when your eTranscript is ready to be shared.

Learn more about MyCreds™

Log in to MyCreds™

Log in to your secure account on the MyCreds™ Learner Portal with your UCalgary username and password.

Purchase share credits

Purchase share credits from MyCreds™ to view your eTranscript and authorize the release of your eTranscript to your chosen destination. 

Learn how to purchase share credits from MyCreds™

Processing your eTranscript

eTranscript orders are processed and transmitted from UCalgary to MyCreds™ every business day. You’ll receive an email notification from MyCreds™ once your eTranscript is available.

2023/2024 Holiday timelines

Important deadlines for transcript service for the 2023/2024 holiday closure.

Mail and courier delivery times are not guaranteed due to the holiday rush. Ordering early is recommended.

eTranscripts are accessible within 24 hours of ordering. eTranscripts will be available throughout the holiday observance period. Inquiries will be supported upon the university reopening on January 2, 2024.

Jan. 2

Transcript office reopens from holiday observance. Inquiries will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Viewing and Sharing your eTranscript

Once you receive a confirmation email that your eTranscript is available, you simply log in to the MyCreds™ Learner Portal. From the portal, you must purchase a share credit to view your eTranscript (viewing does not use up the share credit).  You can share your eTranscript with a recipient by utilizing an existing credit or purchasing share credits, clicking "share" and entering the recipients email address.

How-to Videos on the MyCreds™ website can help troubleshoot if you encounter any issues.

Note: You can only share your eTranscript with a number of recipients equal to the amount of share credits you purchase when ordering from MyCreds™.

Your recipient

The recipient will receive an email notification from MyCreds™ that includes your name and indicates you’ve shared a document with them. The recipient can click on the link provided in the email notification to view your transcript and they can also download your transcript.

How your document is shared

You have full control over how your document is shared. You can designate recipients, specify how long they can access your document and/or require them to use a PIN that you select. You can also send the document to another post-secondary institution directly through the MyCreds™ platform (if the school is registered on the MyCreds™ network). 

Instructions on how to share your eTranscript are available when you "Take a tour" of MyCreds™

To view or share your eTranscript, you’ll need to purchase a specific number of share credits from MyCreds™.  Viewing your eTranscript does not use up a share credit, but at least one share credit is required to be present to view your document.

Note: you can only share your eTranscript with a number of recipients equal to the amount of share credits you purchase when ordering from MyCreds™.

Each share credit allows you to share one secure eTranscript with one recipient, such as an employer or an educational institution. You aren't paying for the eTranscript itself, but instead the number of shares that you would like to complete.

For example, say that you want to apply to graduate programs at two universities (University A and University B). If you need to submit an eTranscript with your application to each university, you can purchase two share credits on the MyCreds™ Learner Portal.

When you’re notified that your eTranscript is ready for sharing, you’ll then log in to the MyCreds™ Learner Portal and use the first share credit to send your eTranscript to University A and the second Share Credit to send your eTranscript to University B.

In the MyCreds™ Learner Portal, you’ll be able to see how many share credits you've purchased, how many you’ve already used and how many are remaining.

When you’ve used all of your share credits you’ll no longer be able to share your eTranscript with additional recipients. If the remaining share credits reach zero and you need to share your eTranscript with another recipient, you can purchase more share credits on the MyCreds™ Learner Portal.

How-to Videos can help you purchase and share documents.

It costs $8 per share for electronic delivery service of your official eTranscript.  You may purchase shares directly through your MyCreds Learner Portal.

How-to Videos can help you purchase and share documents.

Your eTranscript is not available for download from the documents page in your MyCreds™ Learner Portal. This is one of the ways that UCalgary ensures the integrity and authenticity of academic records for employers, graduate schools, government authorities and other verifiers. When you share the document with a third-party recipient directly through the MyCreds™ platform, the recipient is able to verify with UCalgary that the document is authentic and current. They’ll also have access to the transcript in PDF format, which they can download and retain for their record-keeping purposes.

If you need to download a copy of your official transcript for your own records, you can share the document with yourself so you can access and download the PDF. This option will use one share credit. If you need to share the document securely with another third-party within the platform, you’ll need to purchase additional share credits. Learn how to purchase share credits from MyCreds™

You can follow the complete step-by-step instructions for sharing your eTranscript by clicking on the "Take a tour" link in the MyCreds™ Learner Portal.

You can also view and download your unofficial transcript as a PDF directly from your Student Centre at any time. Downloading your unofficial transcript from your Student Center does not use any share credits. Learn how to download your unofficial transcript.

Important: If you choose to download your transcript from MyCreds™ and send that downloaded transcript to a third-party, institutions and organizations may not consider it valid. This is because third-party recipients will have no way of verifying that the document you send them is valid, current and up-to-date.

By sharing documents within the MyCreds™ platform, third-parties can verify the documents directly with UCalgary.

How-to Videos can help you purchase and share documents.

eTranscript FAQs

Yes, you can. If you set an expiry date when you used a share credit to share your eTranscript, that recipient will lose access once the expiry date you selected arrives.

An expired share counts towards the number of share credits you have used.

Even if you don’t have the email notification from MyCreds™, you can still access your documents by navigating to the MyCreds Education Provider sign in page. From there, select "University of Calgary" from the drop down menu and then log in with your UCalgary username and password.

How-to Videos by MyCreds™ can help you with purchasing and sharing documents, understanding your sharing history, profile settings and linking accounts, and registration and logging-in.

When you sign in to your MyCreds™️ portal, you will be presented with a list of all your documents. Click on the document you would like to open. If this is your first time opening a new document or updated document, you may see a Payment required notice. You must have at least one share credit associated with your document to view your document. If you see the Payment required notice, you must purchase at least one share credit. After at least one share credit is purchased, you can open and view your document at any time until it is updated, even after you use the share credit.

No, opening your document to view it does not use up your share credit. Your share credit will stay in your account until you decide to share your document by clicking the blue “Share” button. Viewing does not consume a share credit.

No, you must purchase at least one share credit the very first time you want to view your document or when the document is updated and you have no share credits associated with the document (ie. zero share credit balance).

Yes, if your document has not been updated with new information. If your document has been updated with new information, you will need to purchase at least one share credit to view and share it.

After February 23, 2022, only documents newly added or updated to your MyCreds™️ account will require the document to have a share credit associated with it before you can view and share it. You can continue to view and share previously issued documents that have not been updated or new documents with a non-zero share credit balance.

All purchases made within MyCreds™ will require your residential address and your billing address associated with your payment card to meet Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Your billing address postal code must match the postal code associated with your bank’s payment card, otherwise your payment will be rejected.