FAQs for Students

Use of Student Declaration of Absence Form | Fall 2023

Documentation for missed course assessments and exam absences

The University of Calgary recognizes that unexpected events may happen. Students who have missed a required final examination due to incapacitating physical or mental health conditions, or other extenuating circumstances may apply for a deferred final examination. This is in accordance with the University of Calgary Calendar and Academic Regulations.   

The Student Declaration of Absence electronic form will be available for fall 2023 deferred final examination applications as a pilot. Students should attempt to provide the most relevant and appropriate form of documentation for their circumstances to support a final examination deferral application. The Declaration of Absence electronic form is intended to be used when students are unable to obtain supporting documentation as required by the Academic Calendar regulation M.1. If you've submitted supporting documentation for your application, you aren't required to complete this Student Declaration of Absence.

You would use the Student Declaration of Absence form if you've missed your final exam and need to apply for a deferred final exam, and you're not able to either:

  • provide your supporting documentation (such as compassionate absence for a death in the family, emergency police statement, accident, evacuation, or other verifiable documentation)


  • complete the Student Declaration of Absence form that's provided in the Deferral of Final Examination application. 

Describe in detail, what happened that caused you to miss your final exam, explain how that impacted your ability to attend the exam, include the dates you were affected, and be truthful and accurate.  

You'll need to provide the following information:  

  • Course name and number 
  • Time and date of the final exam you missed 
  • A statement explaining why you missed your final examination *more info on this below 
  • Four questions to confirm your understanding of the process and confirming your statement is true 

No. Documentation or a Student Declaration of Absence form will be used in consideration of determining approving a deferred examination request, but that does not guarantee any request will be approved. For example, a statutory declaration that explains you were absent for a family reunion, whilst accurate, may not be deemed acceptable. 

Is my personal information safe? 

All documents submitted by students will be kept in accordance with university records retention rule 99.0006 Student Academic Files – Undergraduate (asc.ucalgary.ca/marrs/undergraduate) and 98.0018 Student Academic Files – Graduate (asc.ucalgary.ca/marrs/graduate).

Falsification of any supporting documentation will be taken very seriously and may result in disciplinary action through the Student Non-Academic Misconduct policy.

  1. What happens to my Student Declaration information after I submit it?

    Is my personal information safe? 

    All information submitted by students will be kept in accordance with the university records and retention rule 99.0006.