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Registration Changes and Exemption Requests

Sometimes unexpected circumstances can affect your time table. You have the ability to change your registration.

Registration Changes

You can make course changes during the course change period. This will enable you to add, swap or drop courses.

After the course change period, you can withdraw from courses until the last day of classes. This will result in a "W" notation on your transcript. In most cases you can withdraw from a course from your Student Centre; however, some faculties will require to submit your request for approval. For detailed information on course withdraws see the University Calendar.

Registration Exemption Request

You can request registration exemptions for matters involving registration processes and academic policies (including but not limited to: drop, add, audit and withdrawal of courses). Your request will be heard through the Registration Exemption Request Committee. Please review and complete the Registration Exemption Submission Document for consideration.

About the committee

  • The Registration Exemption Request Committee meets monthly
  • All requests are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Depending on the volume and complexity of appeals, you can normally expect a decision within 30 days of submission
  • Requests dating back more than one academic year from the term in which the matter occured will not be considered for review

Requesting an Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawal

Extenuating Circumstance Withdrawals (EW) are defined as exceptional circumstances that arise after the start of the term and are beyond a student’s control that make it impossible for a student to complete the term or a course. For detailed information on EW, see section B.14.3 of the University Calendar.

Grounds that are typically considered for an EW include:

  • Severe medical emergencies
  • Compassionate grounds

If you would like to apply for an EW, you should:

  1. Withdraw from the course(s) before the withdrawal deadline; and,
  2. Submit a statement stating your grounds for an EW with supporting documentation.

If submitting an EW request after the withdraw deadline, outline the circumstances around why the withdraw deadline could not be met.

EW requests must normally be submitted within 30 days of the last day of the term in which the extenuating circumstance occurred.