Graduate student payment plan

The Graduate Student Payment Plan is available to students enrolled in a Graduate Studies program with approved funding.


To be eligible for a Graduate Payment Plan, you must be:

  • Enrolled in a graduate studies program and have active registration and fee assessments for the term(s) covered by the payment plan
  • Receiving income from an approved funding source recognized by the University of Calgary, that is equal to or greater than your total fee assessment
  • In good financial standing with the University of Calgary and have paid all past due balances from previous terms

If you are receiving University of Calgary Tuition Support Benefits, or will be on a Third Party Sponsorship, you are not eligible for the Graduate Payment Plan.

How to apply

  • Submit a completed application form signed by your Graduate Program Advisor
  • Verify in your Student Centre that your full fees have been assessed prior to submitting a payment plan application. A payment plan can only be set up for current or future terms in which you're registered, plans for retroactive terms are not permitted
  • Submit your application to Graduate Studies via email, fax, or in-person, by 4:30 pm on the fee deadline date for the applicable term. Keep a copy of your application for your records

Payment plan applications are processed within 7-10 business days. If submitting a payment plan on the fee deadline, late fees may apply, and will be included in the payment plan.

For questions related to fee assessments, please contact your Graduate Program Advisor or Graduate Studies.

Application form

Spring 2021 payment plan applications are now available on the Graduate Studies website.

Once the application is approved, payment plan details will appear in your Student Centre.

  • Ensure that your UCalgary email address has been set up — this is the email address used for all official university communication. For information on how to set up your email and eID, visit IT Services for more information.
  • If you are denied a payment plan, you'll be notified and held accountable for all fees due by the appropriate fee deadline
  • You must ensure that your application is submitted well in advance of term fee deadlines to avoid late penalties

Confirmation of funding

In order to complete your payment plan, your proof of funding must be confirmed. This funding must be enough to cover your full fee assessment for the term(s) covered by the period of the plan, and can come from combined funding sources.

Three types of funding sources are accepted:

Department funding

  • Funding being paid to you from a department within the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Departmental funding can include payment for teaching and/or research assistance, supervisor or trust funding, or any other types of funding provided by a department.
  • International tuition fee differential support — receiving funding from your department for your international tuition fee differential.
  • Confirmation of funding required.

Internal scholarships

  • Funding being paid to you through a scholarship administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • Confirmation of funding required.

External scholarships

  • Funding from a scholarship administered by an external agency to the university.
  • Examples of this type of scholarship could include NSERC or other external agencies.
  • Confirmation of funding required.

If you're receiving departmental, internal or external funding, you must have your Graduate Program Advisor complete the section of the payment plan application indicating funding sources have been confirmed. Applications without this approval will not be processed. Your Graduate Program Advisor may require proof of external funding prior to completing the "Confirmation of Funding" section of the application.


Payment schedules

You're able to select from a variety of schedules over which you would like to pay your fees. You have the option of beginning payments either in the first month of the activation of the payment plan, or delaying your first payment by one month to allow the opportunity to pay added expenses that typically occur in the first month on campus, such as purchasing textbooks and supplies.

Additionally, you can select which terms you'd like to the payment plan to cover, and select from a number of payment schedules, as specified on the payment plan application. Once a payment plan is approved, you can view a list of all due dates and monthly payments in your Student Centre.

The payment plan can not exceed the number of terms for which you've been assessed fees. For example, if you've been assessed fees for the fall term only, the payment plan can only be set up for the fall term.

Payment options

You're encouraged to use online banking to make your monthly payments.  It's important to consider processing times to ensure payments are received by the due date listed in the Student Centre as online banking payments can take 3 to 5 business days to transfer to the university.

More information regarding payment options

Payments must be received and posted to the your account by the due date listed in your Student Centre to avoid late interest charges, potential withholds or payment plan cancellation. Payment plan payments cannot be automatically deducted from awards, scholarships, internal or external funding, or through pre-authorized payments.

Changes and cancellations

Changes to fee assessments

If a fee assessment changes after the payment plan was initially approved, you must request an updated payment plan to include new fee assessments by the term fee deadline — a change in fees will not automatically adjust your payment plan. If you do not adjust your payment plan you may incur interest charges and a withhold may be placed on your account.

It's important to check your payment plan and fee assessments when an adjustment has been made. You can do this through your Student Centre under "Account Inquiry".


If you wish to cancel a payment plan, your remaining fees should be paid in full to complete the payment plan.

Payment plan appeals

Appeals are approved or denied through Graduate Studies. The appeal is forwarded to the appropriate Graduate Program Officer who will who completes any necessary background work before submitting the appeal to the Director of Strategic Planning and Administration.