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Entrance Awards

The university offers scholarships and bursaries to students who are applying for admission to the university.

To be considered for entrance awards:

  1. You must first apply for admission. You will be given access to the award application once you have submitted your application for admission.
  2. You can access the award application through the myUofC portal. You will need your eID and password which you created when you applied for admission.

How to Apply

Learn how to apply online for awards


Application Type

Application Opens

Application Closes

Document Deadline

Recipient Notification

Prestige Awards

November 1

December 15

January 15


High School Awards and Bursaries

November 1 

March 1

March 15


International Entrance Awards

No application required


Transfer Awards

September 1

October 1



Athletic Awards

No application required – nominated by the university's athletics director.

Receiving Award Payment

Learn how to receive your award payment