External and government awards

External awards are available from many sources, and have a variety of criteria and deadlines.

Featured awards

Rhodes Scholarships

Interested in pursuing a second bachelor's degree at the University of Oxford in England? Apply for one of the world's most prestigious international scholarships.

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Husky Energy Scholarship Program

For Indigenous Students
The program provides financial support to students with outstanding academic achievement and connects them with relevant work experience through co-op and summer work terms along with professional development through a mentorship program.

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Government awards

To search for government awards available to you – select: “Government” under the "External/Internal/Government" menu in the "Search Criteria" in Search for Awards.

Payment information

Payments are made either directly from UCalgary or directly to you from Alberta Student Aid.

Need more information?

Contact the Alberta Student Aid Service Centre: 1.855.606.2096

For more details about Alberta Student Aid scholarships, visit studentaid.alberta.ca/scholarships.

Some additional places to look for funding

Clubs, associations  and organizations often provide educational funding to their members and  dependents. Check with the clubs or organizations that you or your family members are involved with, including:

  • Community organizations (i.e. 4-H, Scouts, YMCA, Rotary)
  • Faith or religious groups, churches
  • Cultural clubs and associations
  • Not-for-profit organizations and foundations
  • Employers
  • Athletic organizations